Suspect in Baseball Bat Murder Nabbed in Atlantic City

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- The man wanted in connection with the baseball bat beating death of his father in Schuylkill County has been taken into custody in New Jersey.

Michael Marchalk, 37, of Barnesville,  was picked up on the Atlantic City boardwalk Friday morning.

Investigators believe Marchalk killed his father -- Gary Marchalk, 60, of Barnesville -- with a baseball bat inside a home near Barnesville on Sunday.

Michael Marchalk had been on the run since Sunday evening. Now that he's in custody, he'll be facing murder charges for allegedly killing his father.

Gary Marchalk was a prominent attorney and his wife is the Schuylkill County treasurer.

Gary Marchalk died from blunt force trauma to the head. Troopers say he was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

After the murder, they say Michael Marchalk stole his wallet and took off in his father's car.

An investigation revealed Marchalk was staying with his father in the days leading up to his death.

Troopers say Michael had a drug problem and had an appointment at a rehab facility on Monday.

Michael Marchalk is charged with murder, along with aggravated assault, robbery, and theft charges.

There is no word from authorities on when he will be brought back to Pennsylvania.


  • Larry Stokes

    This idiot was much easier to track than Frein. This guy used his father’s credit cards and they were able to ping his cellphone. Made him very easy to locate. No comparison to Frein. You people really need to get your facts straight before you open your sewer.

    • duh

      Larry- Frein used his laptop while charging it into peoples outside home sockets. Research harder yourself my man.

  • Badgenumber69

    The thing is, when IU 29 Mar Lin started that program where troubled youths were transformed into troopers we got some real hairy situations with a large number of condoms to test.

      • Lance

        Traing young peiple witha little discipline and respect isnt the same as creating nazi stormtroopers out of the youth. Obviously in school you participated in to dodgeball and received many direct head shots

      • i agree

        My parents had me excused from any violent activities while under the supervision of public schools. Therefore, yup, you guessed it….no dodgeball. And for that, today I am a better person.

  • Tom

    I try to be a practicing, devout Catholic and espouse the doctrine of the church, but this guy? Give me my old shift school #36 Louisville Slugger and see how he likes it.

  • keystone cops

    This guy was found a few days later, quite a number of miles away, in a big city, and Frein couldn’t be found for months in our own backyard. Laughable. Very laughable.

    • Jay G.

      First off – at least sign your name. Secondly, there is a huge difference between being on the run in the woods, and sitting on the Boardwalk at the beach. I am sure you are one of the people that also complain when the cops arent there fast enough when you need them, but complain when they use lights/sirens responding. I hear the PSP academy is always accepting new applicants. Step up to the plate hot shot.

      • TinyTim

        I think the PSP generally does a good job in PA, compared to most agencies in a dysfunctional state. The township and borough cops are the ones who are a little below the mark it seems.

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