Elite GameSpeed Celebrates 2nd Year In Business In Scranton

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"Get those legs going. That's it Charles. That's it. Keep moving. Forward lean gentlemen. Drive with those arms those legs..Bring those knees up," said Joe Pacifico.

Joe Pacifico is the owner of Elite GameSpeed in Scranton.

"Step out..Don't come inside those hips," added Joe.

Located on Stafford Avenue. Joe a Scranton Central graduate ran track, cross country and wrestled in high-school, then spent time in California and Florida before returning to Northeastern Pennsylvania to open up his business.

"We wanted to be a one stop shop for the athletes. Pure athletic development. If they need nutrition we are going to help them with nutrition. Supplementation, agility, speed, strength, conditioning. Whatever it may be we want to be there," again said Joe.

Elite GameSpeed is for athletes in all sports and age groups. The 7 to 14 range hits the sled at the end of their session.

"Working on the sled is that one of the big things that's helped you? Yes. Why is that? It helps me with my strength in my calves and that's what helps me with my start off," said Mekhi Nelson.

"What made you want to come here? I wanted to get better. I wanted to get stronger. Joe helps push us to our highest abilities," said Lia Festa.

Joe has had this facility here in Scranton open for the last two years and for a lot of these kids they've been here since day one and with July coming up a big time of the year for high school football players kids can be in here from 2,3, 4 times a week to an unlimited amount of time.

"What are a few things that you are working on and getting a little bit better and stronger on? Definitely just trying to gain weight and get a lot faster and jumping higher," said George Tinsley.

"I think that I am getting a lot out of it. I've definitely got a lot faster since I've been coming and I put on muscle. I really like coming here. Joe is the best. It's always a fun atmosphere. You can be just loose and relaxed and just a great time and you still get a lot of heavy work in so I love it," said Charles Farrell.

"Elite GameSpeed bring your game to life," said the kids.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Scranton in Lackawanna County.