Elderly Woman Found Dead Inside B&B in Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- An elderly woman was found dead inside a bed and breakfast in Wayne County and authorities say her body had been there for weeks.

Authorities were called to the Harvest Inn Bed and Breakfast on North Main Street in Honesdale just after 9 a.m. Friday.

Investigators say the landlord called for a medical check on the 81-year-old woman who lives at the inn.

State police and the coroner spent hours at the Harvest Inn after the body was found inside one of the rooms.

Authorities say the woman lived inside the inn with another family member.

Troopers say it appears the woman had been dead in her bed for weeks.

Now investigators are trying to figure out how she died.

"One of the things we are working on right now, the family is being cooperative, is to try and find out why she was there so long. We don't have any anticipated charges at this time but until we have the autopsy to determine what the cause of death is, we can't move forward on it until then," said Trooper Mark Keyes.

It's unclear if any other guests were staying at the inn.

Howey York visits this part of Honesdale often. He calls the discovery disturbing and hopes for more answers.

"It's going to take some time before they make a decision or announcement. They have to get the facts straight because it will probably be an ongoing investigation like most of them are," said York.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Authorities say they'll wait for the results to determine if any criminal charges will be filed.

The death is not being considered suspicious at this time and there is no threat to the public.


  • MMMM

    Something wreaks with this story. Did no one notice the lady hadn’t come for any meals. How can you permanantly live in a B&B? That has got to be pretty expensive. Something ain’t right with this set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Kelly

    Even with AC on, after a couple days, and decomp, the smell would have been horrible. I’ve smelled decomposing corpses before we even opened the door. You need like a commercial walk in cooler to slow decomp and insect infestation.

  • Misterjim

    This lady was better off staying at Granny’s in Frackville. Nice cozy bed, lots of transient neighbors, meth lab, warm breakfast in the morning. No need to wonder about whats buried in the cement steps at Grannys

  • So sad

    Where is the family member she was living with? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m shocked it took weeks for someone to notice. I live in Honesdale and it’s just shocking that this has happened here. I feel so bad for the poor woman. I talk to my mom a couple times a week just to say hi. I can’t imagine no one noticing after weeks that this woman hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks.

    • a coal country vacation

      Oh don’t cancel your vacation on regards to this situation. Skuyllkill county has plenty of these locations where they refuse to allow a corpes to lay in a bed for over a week. Just have to shop around.

    • El Ma

      I cannot really comment because anything that I would type would be inappropriate and in very, very bad taste. Bad form, know what I mean?

      Housekeeping? (snort) Omigosh, I cannot, cannot, and will not go on with what I’m thinking about this whole disgusting scenario……….seriously. There are just too many places to take this dreadful story…….

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