Children Chow Down on Free Summer Lunches at Wilkes-Barre Parks

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WILKES-BARRE--- Earlier this year, there were concerns that budget cuts in Wilkes-Barre would eliminate a program providing kids lunches in the summer.

However, that program is now in operation after a federal grant helped provide the staff to serve up food and fun at city parks.

"It's lunch time," Park attendant Kamrin Boatman yells to the kids playing at Coal Street Park.

When the children hear that, they know it is time to get in line!

"It gives kids who can't get a lunch, or anything like that, food, basically, because their parents can't or whatever. So, it's a good thing," Jarmone Murray of Wilkes-Barre said.

The program started to help lower income children have summer lunches, but any kids playing at the park can eat.

The pressure was on for Boatman to hand out the free summer lunches to some hungry kids, especially considering this is his first job.

"When it comes to snack time, I yell, 'snack time,' and they all start to come over here.

They line up to get their snack. It's fun," Boatman said.

The summer parks program, which hires attendants like Boatman, was almost cut this year. However, it was saved by a federal grant.

"I'm glad they did that because it was hard for me to find a job to be honest, so if it wasn't for ResCare I wouldn't be here right now," Boatman said.

Kids at six different parks across Wilkes-Barre get a healthy lunch through the program.  Children were served some fruits and bagel pizzas on Friday.

"In the middle of the day it's better to have your energy in the afternoon than in the morning," Andres Quiroz of Kingston said.

The only problem is, sometimes it can be tough to eat lunch in between all the smiles.

"It's healthy for you in that lunch and it's very good," Jazmine Murray of Wilkes-Barre said.

The program continues until the middle of August.



  • GFYS

    Guess what? I make 160,000 a year…but you know what? Since I pay taxes that support this, I’ll be taking my kids to the park just for lunch. Of course, I wont allow them to associate with the other degenerates at Coal St. Park. We’re just there for the free lunch.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Ok, since the liberal bias likes to delete rational comments, I’ll change my approach a bit.

    How bout this:

    Inner city children spend the summer raising vegetables and small farm animals and in the fall harvest the vegetables and butcher the animals and take park in a weekend long cooking class and when they are done, feed themselves and the community in trade for donations towards next years project.

    Now that’s a story I can rally behind! It’ll never happen.

  • wannabeinformed

    WOW, these are CHILDREN you’re talking about!!!
    Whoever uses degrading terms against children….you should be ASHAMED of yourself!!
    But of course hiding behind your anonymous screen name makes you feel so tough, and ” better”..
    For what it’s worth, the free lunch program is for EVERY child, so why shouldn’t these kids eat it??? Would you rather see the already prepared food getting wasted!!??
    Congratulations to that young man , for his first job!!!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Oh snowflake, so much to learn.

      Luckily (and long overdue) your bleeding heart rants and ideology are finally starting to fall on deaf ears.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Also, I’m not hiding. I feel the same in real life and would tell you this right to your face.
      I’ve brought many a liberal to tears. My favorite past time actually.

    • Dave

      @ wannabee.. Ignore The Bigot Italian who Trolls WNEP and post under numerous ID’s so he can give himself more thumbs up. Those Kids were grateful and no kid should go hungry..

  • Rosie

    Yes, it is pathetic. Just like those soup kitchens Hoover started during the Great Depression….

    All those white folks waiting for FREE soup.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      The difference was that these people were willing to work but there were no jobs. Men would stand in line for hours, days and weeks looking for work. These leaches don’t want work. There are jobs out there but they are content to sit on their asses and let us support them. Obama economics!!!!!

  • Tina Jones

    I think “chow down” is a poor choice of words for hungry children who can’t afford food. Please take to heart who you’re writing about.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      I love it when your behind them in a store when they whip out their access card….while having tattoos up both arms $$$$$, money for ciggies while holding their newest model Iphone! Makes me want to vomit on my shoes!

  • Mmmetchock

    I remember when Frackville had free lunches. They were pretty good. But then there was a scare about bug infestation when all it turned out to be was some guyworking at the pool was rubbing on them.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Not only would I not take my kids there, my wife and I won’t even go into that thunderdome of a city.

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