AG: Pharmacy Assistant Stole Thousands of Painkillers

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- A pharmacy assistant in Schuylkill County stole thousands of powerful painkillers from the place where she worked, according to the attorney general's office.

Jamie Karmonick, 41, of Mahanoy City, stole nearly 30,000 prescription pills, including more than 27,000 Oxycodone pills, the attorney general said.

The pills had an estimated street value of $565,000.

The investigation began in March when a pharmacist at Alliance Medication Services in Rush Township noticed a discrepancy in the number of Oxycodone tablets documented on the pharmacy’s computer system.

An audit of the pharmacy’s computer system revealed a discrepancy and loss of nearly 30,000 prescription pills, as well as evidence the pill counts were fraudulently edited by Karmonick at her computer terminal on numerous occasions.

Karmonick faces a long list of theft and drug charges.


  • lol

    I find it hysterical how nobody from Frackville comes on here to defend themselves. Could it be Frackville hasn’t been introduced to the internet yet?

    • Just a girl

      I don’t think they care what anyone says about them. I know I don’t even if I’m not from frackville.

    • Cheers from 874

      Most Mounties are still recovering from childhood broomstick therapy. Many have fled the area to save themselves from such shame but those remaining are certainly not spending time on WNEP’s comment section. ….except me.

      • Greywhite

        Lot of people seem to flee. Population dropped 2,000 since 2000. Something must be up. Cogenstation plants? Maybe this is the next centralia?

      • RJELQ

        874, I am personally Not a Mountie, i am more of an ash land black diamond fan and supporter, you may be right it sure seems like more people seem to stay in that territory just to be a long-life supporter of North Schuylkill school sports and post endlessly on facebook regarding such.

    • i know my pa. women

      I can’t agree more Bob. You are a man of facts, not political correctness. May I elaborate myself…Most of these women from Pa. that are little more than a trainwreck of white ancestry. They are commonly overweight, low self-esteem, breed out of their race and bring home the paycheck because their significant other is either locked up doing time for drugs or murder. (or both) You’ll usually find these women standing in line at a Walmart with 4-7 mixed hood rats hanging on the cart begging for Daddy’s love and a strawberry Pop Tart. Did I miss anything?

      • Just a girl

        White ancestry? If those comments aren’t racist, nothing is. I’m assuming your black. What about all the black welfare mothers w black kids. Are they not overweight and suffering from both low self esteem, ignorance and arrogance! Oh, that’s right, they get a pass cause they’re black, the baby daddy is, nothing wrong w them.

    • rjelq

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      • Cheers from 874

        What’s worse is semi-retarded people that move away and decide to post comments on news station comment sections for sh!ts and giggles. #soSad #prayForAshland

  • El Ma

    Great. Although this article doesn’t mention it, I have to wonder if a background check was completed for this employee before she was hired. And, I don’t mean just a criminal check – civil and financial background check would have been appropriate for a business that handles highly sensitive, addictive, and controlled substances.

    Just………………wow………………. I wonder if this gal is thinking, “I really shouldn’t have done that,” or if she’s blaming her financial matters on her actions, “I was behind in my mortgage, so I had to do that.” Meanwhile, did she go on a Walmart shopping spree for new electronics and lawn chairs? I just have to wonder what makes a person leap over that line. What was the catalyst that made her think that it was a good idea and that she wouldn’t be found out?

  • Danjones

    I know most of you are not econ scholars if you still live in the Skook. But Lets be honest, 30 k pills from just one little Tamaqua pharmacy to be sold on the black market. Means extremely high local demand.

  • James Quall

    Just graduated from pharmacy school in May, and to not find a discrepancy in the controlled substance inventory until 30,000 pills later is extreme negligence on the part of the pharmacists working there.

    • El Ma

      I agree. If nearly 30,000 pills had disappeared over a five-year span, perhaps, it could be an oversight. But, from the way the article reads, this all happened within a relatively short span of time.

      The senior pharmacist might need a closer examination, as well. I know a number of licensed pharmacists that are emphatic about how inventory is handled, particularly inventory of highly controlled substances. Yep…….

  • coal crackers

    She was only trying to feed the homeless. You know, the street roamers. Most are found in Frackville. Can’t miss them, they wear skin tight, soiled, jogging pants with thigh high socks, accompanied with velcro sneakers and a fire department half shirt. They mark their street territory by tossing soiled BVDs on powerlines. Strangest thing. This behavior has the most educated anthropologists absolutely baffled.

    • Which pharmacology school did you graduate from?

      Never worked in a busy pharmacy, have you? That says it all.


    Was gonna vacation in Tamaqua, Now Im cancelling. Too much drugs, robbery and murder. At least that block long historical district is a safe haven, but tepid lodging.

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