PennDOT Begins 100-Mile Repavement Project on Susquehanna County Roads

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LATHROP TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT crews have started transforming roads like one near Montrose into smooth pavements across Susquehanna County.

State Route 2002 has been in bad shape for a while and residents say it's about time someone looked into repairing their roadway.

“The dirt roads are a lot easier and a lot nicer than that road, our dirt roads. Not only ours but other townships like Springville, Kinsley, Brooklyn. Like dirt roads are better than that road,” said Ralph Brenneman of Lathrop Township.

PennDOT officials say they are transforming back roads that are in bad condition. The 100-mile repaving project will take weeks as crews will be work on about a mile each day.

Not only is PennDOT upgrading roads, crews are also removing overgrown bushes and tree lines.

“Get the road paved, get it re-striped and when you have 100 miles of roadway that you're doing in one county, it's important that you keep this operation moving,” said James May of PennDOT.

Susquehanna County residents who travel on these roads every day are happy that they are not being forgotten.

“I think it's great it won’t be so bumpy and it'll be nice because with it being chipped it's hard driving on it,” said Lisa Himka, of Lathrop Township

“The school buses are on there twice a day. There's a milk truck on there three times a week. It’s not that it's a lot of heavy traffic but there is traffic,” said Brenneman.


  • bobd

    Peacock street in pottsville hasn’t been paved since 1969. I seen better dirt roads and this is a main street!

    • Terry

      Plant a 4′ tall tree in one o the potholes. Take a photo and send it to Channel 16 before noon. It will be on the evening news. That might get it on the repair list.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Yes and once again the Hazleton area can’t get a direct off ramp off of 81 north and south right into the Humbolt Ind. park to get the traffic off of Rt. 924 which is now getting trashed by the heavy tractor trailers. I mean Pdot has had the land to extend off ramps into the Ind. Park since around 1968,, how long must we wait down here Pdot??????
    Mean while 924 has tons of pot holes which you come and put a band aid over…….come on Pdot how about you help out the folks down here in the lower south end of the county….

  • A2B2C

    If roads received regular, routine maintenance as they did years ago roads wouldn’t get to the conditions they are presently. Sluices and ditches NEVER get cleaned and repaired so water backs up, sits or runs wherever. 2002 hasn’t been paved in over 30 years! A gas company hired private contractors to completely rip up and rebuild a local road and the work was done properly in less time than PennDOT could fix a small, one lane bridge which stil isn’t finished!!

  • Kelly

    What about all the other roads in Susquehanna County that all horrible to drive on such state route 92 & 492 & Starrucca Creek Road???

  • Marvin

    Hope they fix the roads in Wayne County too………have to put it in 4wd just to get through the potholes……..

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