Penn State Students, Administrators React To Critical Performance Report

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STATE COLLEGE---The state auditor general calls the tuition at Penn State University "ridiculously expensive."

"I like him because he called it out, so, I like that," said Penn State student Tessa Miller.

Eugene DePasquale’s report highlights tuition that has risen 535 percent since 1986.

"The different universities that I've looked at, it definitely is pricey, (but) I think the demand of students that want to come here for that price is enough for them to keep it where it is probably,” said Hunter Jones, an in-state Penn State student.

The auditor general also says Penn State seems to favor international students over in-state residents to get higher tuition revenue.

"In-state students should get a priority because they're the taxpayers and they pay to make this college cheaper,” said Eric Lam, a Penn State student.

"I think the job of a state university is to assist the state in educating their youth and so if they're less people coming from in state than out of state, it's kind of strange to me,” said Shirin Zaidi, an international Penn State student.

That report also found Penn State was not conducting full background checks on employees at main and satellite campuses in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

The auditor general is calling for more transparency at the school.

DePasquale wants the school to review how the board of trustees operates, cut the number of board members in half, comply with the right to know law and increase funding.

"What's the one magic wand? There is none. I think you have to slowly get better over time and those 4 things help do that,” he said at a news conference Thursday.

In response to that performance audit, Penn State University officials released a statement that is more than 20 pages long and while they do not agree with many points in the audit, they do say they too want more access, accountability and affordability.

"I think it should be fair to everyone whether they are in state, out of state, for instance like I have a single mom, stuff like that. Everyone does have a different situation. I think something does have to be done about it,” said Alyssa Zelwalk, an in-state Penn State student.

Penn State's president says the school will continue working with the state's governor and legislature to keep tuition costs as low as possible for Pennsylvanians.

A link to that Auditor General's report for further reading can be found here.


  • john williams

    Colleges are about #1-Making Money #2- being politically correct and brainwashing students with the ideology of the left and #3- maybe then teaching something useful. (I’m a PSU Grad, Engineering.) Graduated before tuition REALLY took off, thank God.

  • Joey

    Omg just shut the college down. It is a failure of college. Has child abusers, kids dies and school gets on no trouble the frat yearly part did not sneak up on the school they knew it was going on and know they charge people all this money for a school that should not even be up.

    • rjelq

      Its a scam joey. a lot of smoke and mirrors in happy valley. There is good professors up at Penn State and some good academic programs, but PSU is ruined by corrupt leadership who cares more about football!


        This is why I never went to college in Pennsylvania. Its a total sham, I make more money in recycling and modeling than most jobs in Greater Frackville. People with masters degree work up the Schuylkill Mall or in Distribution making 10 dollars an hour. While I am lighting the world on fire in town.

  • El Ma

    HEAR, HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! DePasquale told it like it was, and Board Members are miffed because it makes them look like what they are: self-serving, greedy narcissists.

    There is no reason that any taxpaying resident of Pennsylvania should not be able to afford tuition to attend their State University. Anyone who visits State College can easily see where the money goes. The athletic fields are the very first thing that a visitor sees when they get off of the interstate. What does that say?

    Oh, after all of the dreadful scandal surrounding Penn State, a rational person would expect Board Members to respond to an independent observe, “Y’know? Maybe, we DO need to take a hard look at the way this institution is being managed.” Can’t take a little criticism? Guess that’s why Sandusky was allowed to continue his destruction for so many years without fear of consequences.

  • commonsense

    Pa is a complete mess from the top down. Way too many governmental layers. Which breeds extreme corruption. Tell me why PA has the worst roads in the county but one of the highest Gas taxes. Pa also has very High local and school district taxes to pay for pensions and salaries of teachers and administrator. Some of these schools should of been merged 25-35 years ago from a population standpoint. PA has the worst roads, worst recreation, worst local services and who gets hurt the taxpayer! These people worry about high school football more than the real issues!

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