Troopers: Son Killed Father with Baseball Bat, Still on the Run

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- Court documents just released detail what happened inside Gary Marchalk's home on Pear Street in Barnesville.

Paperwork shows one of the 60-year-old's sons, Matthew Marchalk, found his body in an upstairs bedroom. Troopers said Gary's body had severe injuries to the chest and head. They found a bloody baseball bat nearby.

"It is very tragic that a son could do that, or to me, that anyone could do that, let alone your own blood," Trooper David Beohm said.

The documents show Matthew Marchalk told investigators, "My brother did this. I know it." Matthew said Michael Marchalk had been threatening his father and other family members for months. Other people who knew the victim said they aren't too surprised to learn what happened.

"First thing was, I knew it was Mike," said Thomas Williams, a friend of Gary Marchalk. "I knew it right away."

The affidavit states Michael Marchalk has a drug problem and was staying at his father's home in the days leading up to the murder. He had an appointment at a drug treatment facility scheduled for Monday.

State police said Michael Marchalk left the scene with his father's gold Ford Fusion with Pennsylvania license plate JWD1566. He also has his father's wallet and credit cards and found a number of failed attempts to withdraw money from his father's accounts. The last of which was at a Greyhound station in Philadelphia several hours before his father's body was found.

"We're going to find him," Beohm said. "I mean, that's going to happen. Just a matter of when, but we leave no stone unturned when we're looking for somebody."

Police want you to contact them if you see Michael Marchalk or the Ford Fusion. They do not know where he is at this time.They said not to approach him because they do not know whether he is armed.


  • TinyTim

    Schuylkill County gives me a bad vibe. A lawyers son who was an assistant DA and ran for Judge is a drugged out murder. You read topix and it says how dirty the lawyer was. This area makes me shake my head.

    • Jason

      Guess your family has no ghosts in their closet. Lawyers always get a bad rap, unless you know the man keep your mouth shut. Its idiots like you that give the area the reputation it has.

  • SAD!

    Hopefully when they find him this time they’ll keep him behind bars and throw away the key. Probably should have been there prior to this happening!

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