Troopers Investigating Several Related Sex Assaults

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SHAMOKIN TOWNSHIP -- State police believe the same man has sexually assaulted or tried to assault women over several years.

Troopers are urging women in Northumberland and Columbia Counties to be aware of their surroundings.

State police have not released much information, but what they have told us is frightening. A man tied up his victims, then raped, or attempted to rape them, and even kidnapped some of the women.

State police and the Northumberland County district attorney gathered in front of the State Police Stonington barracks near Sunbury to warn people of a possible serial rapist on the loose in central Pennsylvania.

"The offender entered the residences through doors or windows. The victims were restrained during these assaults," said Trooper Rick Blair.

Investigators say there have been multiple rapes and kidnappings in Columbia and Northumberland Counties over the last few years and they believe all of the cases are connected.

The most recent assault was near Herndon in April. Investigators say the man is watching his victims for a period of time before the attacks. He comes into their homes, restrains them, and in some cases, kidnaps them. These are all sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults happening in the early morning hours.

State police do not have much information about the man they are looking for except that he is white, between 5'6" and 5'9", and has an average build. He appears to be between 35 and 45 years old, drives multiple vehicles, and is believed to be from the area.

Authorities tell Newswatch 16 they realize they are not making much information public but they need to warn people.

"We need to get the information out there. By people being vigilant, if this could prevent something happening in the future, than that in itself is an accomplishment," said Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz.

But some people tell Newswatch 16 the lack of information is upsetting.

"That could be anybody," said Cora Walters of Milton. "I just left Burger King and that could have been someone standing next to me at Burger King. I think it should have been more detailed, but I'm glad they did make the community aware that someone is out there like that."

"You've just got to stay alert and be on guard of what's going on around you," said Sarah Spangler of Sunbury.

Investigators want to remind people to be aware of their surroundings and lock doors and windows. State police will investigate every lead they get from the public no matter how insignificant it seems. There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.


  • Just an observation

    Everyone is dressed professionally except that one person who looks like she’s out to the club.
    Look at me playing the gender card

  • Keith43

    All the people from that area get real sensitive when you point out all the weirdos but I mean EVERYONE there is just messed up one way or another. Its sad really. They know no other way

  • Beansoup

    This coukd be a problem in the schulyk area. Lots of those weirdos that roam the streets or lurk on street corners look like they fit the profile os sex offenders – generally unkept, tight sweatpants, high socks, old cheap sneakers, soiled bvds, outdated fire company shirts, touching self. Be careful out there. Its a really dirty area that Schuylkill county.

  • coacho

    Another story from a real good and upcoming area the PA lower coal region. Again I was gonna buy a row home in Atlas. But between the sexual molestations , murders and fires, I may be better off coaching football in inter city Detroit!

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