Thousands of Books Sorted for Summer Program

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- There are thousands of books with too many pages to count and these stories will soon be told to children across Monroe County.

Volunteers at The Mountain Center in Coolbaugh Township sorted through each one as part of a community impact initiative -- the United Way's Day of Action.

"There are thousands of programs across the nation and across the world that are doing Day of Action programs today, June 21, so we are excited to be a part of this event," said Jennifer Strauch, United Way of Monroe County.

The boxes of books will be distributed to more than a dozen different summer food program locations throughout Monroe County. It's a way to mix summer lunch with summer learning.

This year, United Way is focusing on summer learning and nutrition.

Lori Barry teaches within the East Stroudsburg School District. She says summer is a critical time for children's academics and these books will keep them learning.

"I think it's really important. I may be old fashioned that way but I taught kindergarten many years ago and even with middle school, it's the system and you need to learn how to read," said Lori Barry, Stroudsburg.

The books were donated by several organizations and people in the community.

Patrick Barry from Stroudsburg is a junior volunteer for United Way of Monroe County. He says it's great to see people pitching in to give back to a good cause.

"I mean it's amazing. I have been digging through some of the books and saw a couple, actually grabbed on that I need for one of my classes this year and saw some really good books and I think it's going to be really cool for kids in our community to see those and read those," said Patrick Barry, Stroudsburg.

The books are free for children to take home.