Medical Marijuana Facility to Open Near Avis  

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PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP -- For about 30 years, Robert Gottschall has lived in a neighborhood that sits on the edge of some farmland near Avis.

"Quiet, peaceful, more farming," said Robert Gottschall.

Gottschall is used to farmers growing plants. Pretty soon a new neighbor will be legally growing marijuana out of a nearby warehouse for medicinal purposes.

"I was a little bit thrown by it, but after more and more that you think about it, it's a great idea," said Gottschall.

This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Health awarded Terrapin Care Station of Colorado, one of the state's first medical marijuana grower-processor permits.

"They knew this area needed jobs. They looked at us," said Juli Alexander.

Juli Alexander is the office manager at the Henry Street Partnership in Pine Creek Township. Terrapin Care Station will rent out a part of one of the warehouses to grow and process marijuana.

"This is fantastic. It's going to bring industry back to the area," said Alexander.

"At least 40 jobs and the base pay will be $40,000," said Sharon Altemier.

While people won't be coming to the site to buy medical marijuana, neighbors still worry about security.

"It is going to be so secure. The security is amazing,” said Alexander.

Terrapin Care Station is expected to begin renovations at the site sometime in the coming weeks. The building should be open by the end of this year.


  • WarningFakeNews

    The state’s happy to have their rather large cut of the profits which are only possible by denying people the right to grow this weed. It will also be the motivation to “allow” recreational use, later. As long as there’s money to line the politician’s pockets, they’ll be fine with it.

  • Mary Kerbacher

    Marijuana helps people with PTSD, migraine headaches, stomach issues and some mental health issues…please it would curve addictions for other substances… I have seen the results…

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