Hotel Supervisor Accused of Raping Worker

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP — A hotel supervisor in Luzerne County is accused of raping a worker at the hotel.

Investigators said Pratap Bonepalli, 37, of New Jersey was the front desk manager at the Ramada in Hazle Township.

The victim told police Bonepalli took her into a hotel room and sexually assaulted her several times over a period of two months.

Bonepalli is locked up, charged with rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, and six counts of indecent exposure and harassment.


  • Paris

    I reside here at the Ramada and I can tell you First hand, it is a set up, with most Likely an Illicit affair that has been going on for some time now, and when it went sour, Ms. Chickie then Cried Wolf. Now supposed 6 more house girls have been dragged into it, reminding me of the ones who came out of the wood work. Pat is probably no way an angel, but it was CONSENSUAL, I am sure of it, just went sour when Ms. Chickie probably got her warning during the warming, that it had to END.
    Hope Pat has a GOOD lawyer to clear him, and just ship him back to India with his Wife and children.

  • Lance

    No more idiots fron India pakistan or whatever. They come here and think they can pull the same crap they did in their old countries. Strip him of his visa citzenship and all his property and send him back to that cow loving country wherw they can appreciate sick bastards like him.

  • tired of politics

    take your political crap somewhere else, this story isn’t about politics . its you political fanatics that eff up this country

  • Bart

    According to fired talk show host ( not journalist ) Steve Korbitt, these types of crimes don’t happen in NEPA and especially these types of crimes committed by minorities. But what do I know ?

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