Child Sex Trial Halted After Witness Collapses

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HONESDALE -- The verdict in a child sex case in Wayne County will have to wait a month after a witness -- the mother of the two alleged victims -- collapsed before taking the stand.

The trial for Michael and Jamie Schwartz started Wednesday morning but stopped in the afternoon when that woman was taken to the hospital.

An ambulance pulled up outside the Wayne County Courthouse in Honesdale and took away the mother of the two alleged victims in a child sex case against a husband and wife.

The incident will lead to a one-month delay in the trial.

Michael Schwartz and his wife Jamie are accused of sexual abuse of two boys who stayed with them at their home from time to time between 2011 and 2013.

The two boys testified they stayed with the couple at the Schwartz home in Beach Lake and that the husband and wife would force the 9 year old and 12 year old to take their clothes off and Jamie Schwartz would sexually assault them.

State police filed charges last year after investigators testified the boys told their parents about the alleged sex abuse, saying the couple had a circle of trust and that anything that happened in the home stayed in the home.

Prosecutors say the delay in the trial is unfortunate but necessary due to the circumstances.

A group of bikers against child abuse came to the trial to support the boys and vowed to be back when the trial resumes mid-July.

So will the defense.

"Judge Hamill was correct in continuing the case, and we'll seek justice next time," said defense attorney Nefertiti Jordan.

There is no jury in the case. The judge will decide if there's enough evidence to convict the couple.

There is no word on the condition of the woman who collapsed, but she's expected to be OK.

The trial is expected to finish up July 17.


  • Confused

    Some someone passed out from watching people try to have sex with a child the fastest?
    I’m confused here. Didnt read the article, I only read titles.

  • think positive

    Go Bikers! They will be back because they know that the welfare of those two defenseless, innocent boys is worth it. Thank goodness for the good people in the world. Those two child molesting scumbags deserve to be put down.

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