Woman Sues Casino After Being Offered Steak Dinner Instead of $43 Million Jackpot

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Queens, NY — A woman who was told by a slot machine that she’d won 43-million dollars – but didn’t – is now suing the casino.

Katrina Bookman gained national attention last year when a “Sphinx Slot Machine” at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York, made it look like she’d won the biggest slots jackpot in US history.

But instead of being given the prize, a casino worker told her it was a mistake and offered her a free steak dinner and a little over two-dollars.

The New York State Gaming Commission confirmed it was a malfunction and said the machine displayed a disclaimer stating that malfunctions void wins.

Bookman claims the casino was negligent and did not properly maintain its equipment.

She says she suffered mental anguish and a significant monetary setback as a result of the malfunction.

She’s seeking at least 43-million-dollars in damages.


  • Sasquatch

    Pretty sure this will come down to who can out lawyer who and since casino’s have a office full of them there’s slim to no chance but hey good luck anyways

  • BobsaLoser

    You Bob your a typical White Trash Scum Bag!!

    But God still blesses and forgives you “Your Evilness and Evil Ways!”

    Get A Life

  • Crazy

    Kinda don’t blame her. Is this something they do regularly to avoid paying out winnings or I wonder if this really was a freak thing. I’d probably have had a heartattack if I thought I won that much then to offered a steak instead oh my word!!

    • Tjkat

      I do agree with you. I would have had a heart attack if I saw that. I do p!at the slots also and I can’t believe that they have her a stinking steak dinner and nothing else. Hope her lawsuit gets her lots of money!!!

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