Stroudsburg Historic District Street Signs Popping up Downtown

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STROUDSBURG -- A pop of color on a street sign in downtown Stroudsburg is catching some attention from drivers and walkers.

The Stroudsburg Historic District signs can be seen on Sarah Street and North 7th Street.

Yeillena Fontain from Stroudsburg took notice on her walk.

"I mean it points it out more. Before, you wouldn't really know what these buildings were, the courthouse or fire department. It's an easy way for people to notice everything," said Fontain,.

Borough officials tell Newswatch 16, the hops is to add these street signs to neighborhoods with historical significance.

The project is in the early stages. Kenneth Allen from Stroudsburg hopes to see more.

"It's interesting. It's eye catching. I think it will catch the drivers and the pedestrians, their attention," said Allen.

The sign that is up now is just a prototype. It is not the final design. More signs with different designs will be popping up throughout the next few weeks and residents we spoke to are excited to see what they might look like.

Officials say they are looking at different designs, fonts, and colors for the signs.

"I think it should be a brighter color to pop out more. If it were a brighter color, I think it might pop out to people more," said Fontain.

A meeting to discuss a more permanent plan for the Historic District street designs is scheduled for next month.

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