State Police Name Son Suspect in Murder of Schuylkill County Attorney

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- State police say an attorney from Schuylkill County was killed by his son.

Gary Marchalk, 60, of Barnesville was found dead in his home near Tamaqua on Monday.

On Tuesday, state police issued an arrest warrant for the victim's son, Michael David Marchalk, 37, of Barnesville.


According to court papers, the victim's body had severe injuries to its head and torso. a bloody baseball bat was found nearby.

Those documents also say the suspect Michael Marchalk has a drug problem and has used his father's credit cards to make several cash withdrawals.

Marchalk is charged with criminal homicide, the murder in the first degree, the murder in the second degree, the murder in the third degree, voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, robbery, theft, theft of a motor vehicle, access device fraud, and recklessly endangering another person.

Troopers have not offered a motive for why the son is suspected of killing his father.

He was last seen driving his parents' gold 2015 Ford Fusion with Pennsylvania Registration JWD1566.

If you see Marchalk or the vehicle, you are asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police Frackville barracks at 570-874-5300.

The victim is the husband of Schuylkill County Treasurer Linda Marchalk.

An autopsy on Gary Marchalk is set for Wednesday morning.


  • Slapslap

    Oh boy all you people from Barnesville getting some attention! Guess you all have some kabitzing to do. Gossip in the schook overthe beansoup pits from Frackville to taamaqua and back to girardville. Slappin butts and scratching nutts!

  • Yutko

    Police should check Granny’s motel in Frackville. Not just for this guy, but anyone staying in a hotel in that town should be checked out cause they’re probably doing something illegal. Frackville Tamaqua Ashland Pottsville? Dirty areas with dirty people.

    • Engine368

      Yutko get with the program! You forgot the worst three cities. On the depressing Route 54 Corridor aka The trail of tears which includes. Girardville, Shenandoah and Mahanoy City. And its beautiful suburbs of Connerton, Mahanoy Plane, William Penn, Lost Creek and Gilberton.

    • NSgrad4life

      This area is really improving. I’m proud to say I graduated from North Scuylkill. I went to college and got a masters degree. Now I work at a distribution center making $13.25 an hour. Pretty sweet, right? I have enough money for Friday nights to go watch boys pound out for the pride of their school football program. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. High school sports rock!

      • ayceShendoShrimp

        Dude, you are living the Schuylkill County dream! Nothing beats a high school football game on a Friday night, followed by the super16 show. I hope you get a good raise at work soon, you deserve it man!

    • Bob

      The whole state of Pennsylvania and all the therein are scum. I just read the news from Pennsylvania hoping something really really bad happens to you all

  • Gary Shadle

    I agree whole heartedly. He was in charge of closing mutual lending in Pine Grove and was supposed to disburse incoming receivables to investors. Two and a half years go by and no money. I personally made at least two hundred calls to his office and he never accepted one call, or returned one. Bottom line, he has a lot of money that belongs to a lot of people in the Pine Grove area. Where is this money? From my standpoint this guy was as dishonest as can be. If he had nothing to hide, why would he not take any calls or return them. There were many investors that say the same. At this point, I really don’t care why he was killed. All the investors want, is their money returned. I have nothing good to say about Gary Marchalk. I’m not saying this because he is dead. I said this while he was alive.

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