St. Stanislaus School Closed for Good

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SCRANTON -- It's not uncommon to see a quiet St. Stanislaus Elementary School in mid-June. This fall, though, the school on East Elm Street in Scranton will not re-open, after dwindling enrollment the last five years.

"We just wish the children the best. We hope that they find they're niche in their new school," LuAnn Kaszuba said.

The elementary school is part of the St. Stanislaus Cathedral of the Polish National Catholic Church. It has been around for 120 years, and for the last 40 of those years, Mrs. Kaszuba has worn many hats, including the school nurse, and a dentist when a student's tooth is loose. Mostly, though, she was a teacher and the school's principal.

"We push them to do their best, to never give up. They always can succeed as long as they dream they can do it," Kaszuba said.

Just after Christmas this past year, teachers and students found out the school would be closing in June. Eighth graders will go on to high school next year, but other students will have to attend other schools in the area.

"I hope none of them lose that beautiful gift she had given them of respecting each other, caring for each other," said Bishop Bernard Nowicki of the Polish National Catholic Church.

Members of the Cathedral is hosting a brunch at the elementary school this Sunday. They want to honor Mrs. Kaszuba for all of her hard work these last 40 years.

"It was put on Facebook, and a lot of my former students had made comments saying that they were coming. And that means a lot to me to know that I have touched other students' lives," Kazuba said.

This past school year, the elementary school had 15 students total, which was the ultimate reason for the decision to close its doors for good this summer.

The brunch will be held Sunday, June 25 at 11 a.m. at St. Stanislaus Youth Center, 530 East Elm Street in Scranton. The cost is $15 for adults and $8 for children. Reservations are required.

If you'd like to attend, send a check payable to St. Stanislaus Cathedral to Barbara Nowicki, 529 East Locust Street, Scranton, PA 18505.

Payments can also be dropped off at the St. Stanislaus Cathedral auditorium on Sundays.

For more information about the brunch, call June Sarnowski at 570-586-1576.



    Produced so many stupid Polocks over the years. Just move the school “up the line”. The classrooms will be overflowing with students “walkin and talkin”.

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      It’s a shame your mother didn’t nail the toilet lid shut after she had you. A flush just didn’t cut the mustard.

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