Shots Fired After Robbery at Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Thru, Thief on the Run

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Shots were fired after an unusual hold up at a drive-thru in Wyoming County.

An unsuspecting place for a robbery--the drive-thru lane at a McDonald's near Tunkhannock and an unsuspecting victim--Jake Coggins, who was just waiting for an ice cream cone.

"We're just sitting there, and I had the money--$1.16. I put the money back in my shirt pocket, and he got out of his vehicle and he walks back. He had a gun. He says, 'Give me your money. I'm not (expletive) kidding.' I said, 'No problem,' and I gave him the money," said Coggins.

Coggins said it was the driver of the SUV ahead of him in line.

Police shared surveillance pictures of the silver Honda Element with a temporary Texas license plate.

Coggins didn't have a cell phone on him, so went a few miles down the road to report the robbery at the state police barracks. That's when he saw the SUV again, and the robber saw him.

"I see him get out, and he points the gun. I ducked down on the floor. I put it in reverse, and I just started going backwards, and he hit the window right there."

Coggins was not hurt, though he thinks that's only because of luck.

"I will tell you the God's honest truth. I think he had every intention of shooting me. He did. If I didn't have any money, or I said I didn't, I think he would have because he had a look in his eyes."

People in the Tunkhannock community say such a crime is unheard of, but they're still reeling from the Weis Market shooting that killed three people earlier this month. They say nothing seems unlikely anymore.

"There's a lot of drugs here now. When we first came here 20 years ago, very small amount of drugs, but now it seems like it's all over the place," said Tom Saylas of Tunkhannock.

Police say the robber was driving a late model silver Honda Element. He's described as a white man, 5'6", 200 pounds, with short curly black hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call Tunkhannock Township police at 570-836-5255 or 911.



  • westside love

    An ice cream cone… Lol. He said we’re just sitting there.. was there a passenger with Coggs.? Or is he talking about himself and curly sue.

  • Ray Stokes

    Archie got locked up last night. I do know him. Probably won’t be hearing from him for a while.

    • Archie Beal

      I most certainly did not. I went to the Antifa rally right after my AA group and the cops picked me up outside a mosque. I told them that I’ve always owned that white van but they wouldn’t listen. It’s all good now.

  • Givemeabreak

    The best thing you can do is get your permit to carry to protect yourself and your family but you better be prepared to not only use the gun but suffer the consequences even if you were in the right. No one can truly keep you safe but yourself. By the time the cops get there it could be too late. Seems like the Wild West is making a return.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      They just said on the 6 o’ clock “5′ 6″ with curly black hair.” Guess who?

  • Bob

    Someone in a McDonald’s drive thru!? All you’re going to get is a couple of bucks. If you want more money try the chic fila drive thru

    • Steviez

      Frackville is going to get that Chikfila or KFC and be a huge success again. Its got to happen. All those people working really good jobs at distribution centers have eat. A KFC or Chikfila will put Frackvilke on the map. More jobs, well fed distribution center workers = winning.

      • Brianne

        SEDCO couldn’t get a starving dog to eat steak. There’s a better chance of Jim Renick getting hired by wnep again.

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