Selling Lemonade, Offering Healing

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TUNKHANNOCK -- The Tunkhannock community is still reeling from the Weis Market shooting that killed three people earlier this month.

A group of kids from Tunkhannock spent their Tuesday raising money for the victims' families by running a lemonade stand.  It provided them with the healing they've been looking for.

When bad things happen that even adults don't understand, sometimes it's best to look for solutions the way a kid would.

Five friends, all middle-schoolers from Tunkhannock, thought a lemonade stand could solve two problems.

First, it would raise money for the families of the three people killed in the Weis Market shooting near Tunkhannock earlier this month. Second, it would help turn their sadness into action.

"It's been sad because it's our town and we've lived here all our life and nothing like this has ever happened here," said 12-year-old Kaya Hannon.

The money the girls raised outside the Wyoming County Courthouse will be added to an existing United Way fund that's already collected close to $10,000 for the victims' families.

They sold several gallons of lemonade, but most donations came in the form of tips. They raised more than $600 in just a few hours.

"I'm getting kind of emotional thinking about it. It was such a tragedy for our community, and I think it's such a kind gesture," said customer Angie Burke of Tunkhannock.

Kindness mixed in with water, ice, and some lemonade mix--a recipe for healing for both the customer and the seller.

"It makes me feel like I'm going to help everyone and help the families and help them get money," added 12-year-old Sydney Huff.

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