Husky Houdini Strikes Again: Dog Rescued From Roof for a Third Time

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NANTICOKE -- A dog in Luzerne County took loneliness into his own paws Monday afternoon. He would not let anything hold him back from taking a perch on the roof to look for his owners.

Maverick the dog sure lives up to his name. He has busted open the second-floor window with his powerful paws not once, not twice, but three times now!

"He's unbelievable," Maverick's owner Krystin said. "I call him Maverick the magician."

Back in February, firefighters rescued the husky Houdini off the roof twice in less than an hour.

"I just shook my head and thought, 'I'm not surprised.' I just had to laugh," Dane Austakalnis of the Nanticoke Fire Department said.

When Maverick broke free again more than three months later, firefighters knew exactly what to do.

"We kind of just went up and shooed him back in the window. He goes right in," Firefighter Justin Gildea said. "He's a well-trained dog. He just doesn't like to be alone."

Maverick's owner said both times she left to run errands for only 40 minutes when he escaped. She never imagined he'd be tough enough to pull this latest stunt.

"He just pulled in the air conditioner... The front of it came off. I was able to put it back on, so that's not broken. He just went on his merry way sitting on the porch," Krystin said.

Maverick might look like he's about 110 pounds, but it's really just a lot of fur. He's only about 70 pounds of muscle, and he is strong!

"He thinks he's part of a pack and when you leave, he doesn't realize time. [He thinks,] 'They're not here, where are they?'" Krystin said.

The challenge is there is no way to tell when Maverick is going to get a case of the "lonelies" and take his perch on the roof.

"He's just very loyal and wants to be with his family," Krystin said.

Not even an air conditioner can freeze out that kind of love.


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