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Storm Slams Village of East Smithfield in Bradford County

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EAST SMITHFIELD -- A strong storm blew through the village of East Smithfield in Bradford County just after noon Monday.

Trees came crashing down, and parts of homes peeled away. A Penelec sub station was damaged as well, knocking out power.

"A lot of tree damage, no power, no water, our pump isn't running so if we get any more rain, our basement is probably going to be flooded out. There's a little bit of roof damage and a little bit of siding damage as well,” said Amanda Smith of East Smithfield.

"I don't know. I hope insurance will pay for something. It's kind of doubtful,” said Williams Lewis of East Smithfield.

Walter Wampole’s pickup truck was crushed by a tree. He called the insurance company only to learn the damage probably isn't covered.

"It's not like we have to pick up and build a new house. We'll cut the tree up. We'll get it out of the way, tow the truck to the scrap yard, and go on. What really upsets me is that sidewalk. We got a brand new sidewalk!" he said.

Some say the damage here is the worst they've ever seen.

"See all those pine trees down there? This morning they were all standing and that's what that wind damage did,” said Lawrence Allyn pointing to a group of snapped trees on his property.

"I've never seen wind this bad in my whole entire life and like I said, 10 minutes, you can see the damage, all in 10 minutes," he added.

Folks say they’re just grateful no one was injured.

"Devastated, you know? But you can replace metal. They make other trucks. Nobody got hurt. No personal injuries, so you go on. What do you do?" said Wampole.

According to Penelec, as of 10 p.m. Monday many homes were still without power. There is no word when the power will be restored.

The National Weather Service is expected to visit the area on Wednesday to determine if a tornado caused the damage.

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