State Police Offer Tips on Keeping Kids Away from Guns

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- State police are reminding people with small children about the importance of gun safety after a 4-year-old boy shot himself in the face Sunday in the Poconos.

State troopers say it is very easy for children to get their hands on a gun if it is not properly stored.

Police are still trying to figure out how the child got his hands on that gun Sunday at his home near Brodheadsville. In the meantime, they are offering safety tips to prevent the situation from happening again.

Rebecca Achey still can't believe what happened just up the street from her home near Brodheadsville over the weekend. Investigators say a 4-year-old boy died after shooting himself in the face. The incident hits home for her. She has a 4-year-old grandson.

"A hard situation and people just need to be very cautious and remember safety," Achey said.

State police at the Fern Ridge barracks are investigating and trying to figure out how the child got his hands on the gun.

Sgt. Joseph Racho says incidents like this are why it's always important to practice gun safety, especially when children are around.

"They might grab a firearm not knowing what it is," said Sgt. Racho. "Maybe it looks similar to one of their toys and they can pull the trigger and it can go off just like that."

Officials say it is very easy for a gun to get into the hands of a small child if it is not properly stored. That's why they suggest putting it in a safe or using a gun lock.

Sgt. Racho demonstrated what a gun lock does and looks like. It's essentially a lock that prevents the gun from being loaded.

"They are very cheap and they definitely will save a life because if there is a gun lock on them, there is no way that anyone can put a cartridge into the chamber and fire the firearm."

An autopsy on the boy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Officials say they need to wait for those results before deciding whether to file criminal charges.


  • Ray Stokes

    Archie got locked up last nite. I know him. Probably won’t be hearing from him for a while.

  • Forrest Gump

    Wow, no mention of repealing and rewriting the 2A and 4A. C’mon Archie Beal, tell those Troopers how wrong they are! Oh, LT Dan says hello.

  • Real American

    The only gun control we need:
    1) Always be in control of your gun. Secure on you, or securely stored.
    2) Be accurate and precise when firing said gun.
    Otherwise there should be no limits for law abiding citizens on firearms.
    If those 2 rules are followed, then there isn’t an issue. Criminals and irresponsible people are the issue. Not law abiding citizens.

    • Todd

      Everyone’s a law-abiding citizen until they’re not. Gun-ownership certainly doesn’t keep anyone from deciding to break laws. Oh, and your rules don’t address the mentally ill. Care to make any amendments?

      • Forrest Gump

        It is already illegal for someone that has been professionally diagnosed as mentally ill to possess a firearm.

      • Yeah, so...

        Everyone is a safe driver (or at least lucky, and notice I didn’t say good) until they’re involved in a collision. What’s your point?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    If you need tips from police on how to keep your kids safe around guns and how to keep guns out of kids hands, you should not have guns.

    And I’m pro gun!

    • Rick

      Exactly. two words; “gun safe”. If it’s not on your person, it’s in the safe if there are children in the home.

    • Mad Dog

      Unfortunately this is the result of a “pro gun” society. When it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to obtain a passport, everyone has one, including those that shouldn’t. 99% of us that own guns do so in a responsible manner but there’s always that one. And unfortunately an innocent, little boy had to pay the price for his parents’ stupidity. Sorry, there’s no nice way to put that. Charge them with manslaughter and make An example out of them.

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