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Pedestrian Hit, Killed by Tractor Trailer in Luzerne County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- One person was killed after being hit by a tractor trailer in Luzerne County.

Trooper say Ricky Zimmerman was killed after he was hit by a tractor trailer in the south lanes of Interstate 81 near Hazleton just before 3 a.m. on Monday.

So far, police have not said if the 25-year-old from the Hazleton area was walking along the highway, or in the travel lanes when he was hit.

I-81 south was down to one lane but both are now open in that part of Luzerne County.


  • The real victom

    Being on the other end,i have PTSD because someone decided to take thier life on my watch and i have to live with that horror for the rest of my life and blamed myself and went on an emotional rollercoaster because of it and it will allways effect me,i really feel for the truck driver ,people who commit suicide are committing selfish acts because it affects not just the friends and family but the people who are victoms that find them,like me or like this poor driver,it is something you can never will haunt me and this driver for the rest of our lives…suicide is selfish…

    • Trust Me, I'm Depressed

      See, I used to think that, then I was struck with depression. If you’re not depressed, you would never understand. Yes, it’s a sad situation for this driver. And yes, I feel for this driver. But Ricky was in a bad state of mind. And it’s incredibly sad. A huge chunk of my small peaceful town is incredibly upset by this, because he touched so many.

      To say that suicide “is the easy way out” or that it’s selfish, it’s just a sign that you don’t understand what’s going through his head. And I mean, to choose to do something with your life that requires driving, you’re gonna encounter accidents, crashes, and death, whether it was a suicide or not.

    • Shameful

      You obviously have never had an experience with a loved one that suffered through depression/ mental illness. When people are that depressed they cannot think of anyone else. They are suffering inside and just want a way to end their pain. They are not selfish nor insensitive. They don’t wish to harm anyone else. I am certain had this man been at a better place in his life he never would have chosen to put any kind of hurt on another. Shame on you and I hope none of your loved ones are ever hit with depression because they could never count on you.

  • Judith Prindle

    Ricky was ill. He was in a responsible state of mind. Anyone that doesn’t get that, has never lost someone they love to suicide.

    • Judith Prindle

      Should have read he was not in a responsible state of mind. Trash talking him is just wrong.

  • Godspeed

    He was my friend, and he had issues with his life. That’s why he was on the interstate you dumb ***hole Archie.

  • Archie Beal

    Nice guy or not, bottom line he had no business walking on the interstate highway in the dark. Pedestrian traffic on an interstate is illegal. Oh I guess the excuse will be, he didn’t know. Basic common sense, Which the majority of society truly lacks

    • Mad Dog

      Someone posted that this was their friend and suffered from depression. Again, you don’t know enough about this situation to pass judgement so please knock it off. You are contributing to the downfall of the same society you speak of with your ignorant comments. I was raised that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to keep my mouth shut. Apparently those values were not taught to you. Ignorant fools, like yourself, who judge others nonstop are worse than any of the issues we have with society. I’d love to tear you apart some more but I have things to do. Your negativity will punish you enough in life.

      • The Leash

        “I was raised that if I didnā€™t have anything nice to say, to keep my mouth shut. Apparently those values were not taught to you. Ignorant fools, like yourself…” I guess they weren’t taught to you either, that’s not very nice

      • Mad Dog

        Leash, I don’t like bullies. Clearly Archie does not know the full story and he’s passing judgement on this young man on a public forum where his family and friends can see. He is why mental illness is treated like it is and not taken seriously. It’s a major problem and will only get worse when we brush it off like that. My insults are justified.

    • Pam

      Has nothing to do with common sense ppl who want to end their life don’t care about the laws or common sensešŸ˜•Just a sad sad situationšŸ˜„

    • archie, come out and play

      With any luck some day you’ll be out in public and you’ll forget that you’re not behind the safety of your keyboard and you’ll vomit some of the dung you post on here – and someone will wipe it off the floor with your face. You need to be banned. Comer mierda.

    • shrek

      Let me guess – last pick in gym class, still a virgin, kids throw corn at your house, neighbors hate you, people avoid you on the street, missing a few teeth and you smell. How close am I?

      • Pam

        If you are talking about why he suffered from depression. You actually couldn’t be further from the truth about this young man- he was Or shall I say is one of the most loved young I know. Just take a look at his Facebook feed hundreds of lives he has touched with his life on this earth– depression is not about if you are like or not liked- it’s a disease suffered by many- do some research and then show some empathy for mankind!!šŸ˜„

      • shrek

        Apologies and clarification to Pam and others, I was not talking about the departed. As Godspeed pointed out, I was referring to that troll Archie. And believe me, I know trolls.

  • Respect

    Please have some respect for a friend of mine who just passed away. He was dealing with depression. He was not a twisted person. He was funny, outgoing, and all around a great guy. Depression is a tough mental disorder. Stop being inconsiderate to situations you do not understand. Have some respect for him, his family and friends. RIP Ricky <3

  • JP

    What does this have to do with owning guns? Maybe this guy was anti gun. Archie your just an a*ole. Maybe he had other issues, lost and came across I 81. Know the facts before opening your trap Archie.

  • Archie is a jughead

    Archie Beal thinks that if the 2nd and 4th amendments were rewritten things like this wouldn’t happen.

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