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Group Once Again Eyes Pocono Dome for Church Space

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Bright orange signs are once again posted outside the Hamilton Township Municipal Building.

The notice gives information about another round of public meetings to discuss an application submitted by "World Mission Society Church of God." The church group hopes to buy the Pocono Dome in Sciota and turn it into a place of worship.

"We are not happy about it. We were there for the first go around and we thought at that point it was done and they were going to rescind their application. Obviously they have not," said Frank Calafiore of Hamilton Township.

The group first applied for a special use zoning back in March with the hopes the township would allow the dome to be used as a retreat.

This time around, the group wants permission to use the facility as a church.

The idea is being discussed at a Township Planning Board Meeting on Monday night.

"I would imagine that if they put a convention center in there or ever started housing people in there, this area can really get congested," said Calafiore.

Residents we spoke to tell us the Pocono Dome was built for one reason, a place where people can go and play sports. The hope is that it stays that way.

Owners of the dome lost the place last September after failing to pay taxes.

Wayne Bank bought it at a judicial sale.

Residents hope someone else who wants to keep it a sporting complex will step in.

"It's great for the kids. I see it in the summer time, winter time. All the parents go down to have a good time. Now you want to do something like that, it's going to be different," said Kenneth Woods of Hamilton Township.

"Most people around here don't want it to be anything religiously affiliated or anything like that," said Tyler Bickford of Hamilton Township.

Monday's meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.

Another public meeting is scheduled for June 28.


  • Clara Mckenzie

    Hi good people. I’m a journalist and your community need to research this ‘church’. Its name sounds generically mainstream. It is not. It is a doomsday cult which claims God is a 74 year old woman living in South Korea. Freedom of faith. Sure, but just beware who these people are. It buys up buildings and surplus churches around the world. The church parades as a harmless Korean based congregation. It is not. Go googling and keep the dome for your community.

  • Lance

    Great another place that won’t pay taxes create traffic congestion and demand all sorts of perks without contributing a thing for the community. Keep it as a sports complex

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