Coroner Called to Home of Schuylkill County Treasurer

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- A death is under investigation in Schuylkill County.

State police identified the victim as Gary Marchalk, 60, of Barnesville.

Troopers and the deputy coroner responded to a home on Pear Street in the Barnesville area of Ryan Township, not far from Tamaqua Monday afternoon.

The home belongs to the Schuylkill County Treasurer Linda Marchalk and her husband Gary.

A family who lives next door said police came to speak to them Monday afternoon, but they said they do not know anything about the investigation.

"Most of the time you see people here on the weekend. I haven't seen them around all weekend. Like I said, I was surprised," said neighbor Paul Yost.

Developing story, check back for updates.


  • Gary Shadle

    Gary Marchalk was in charge of shutting down mutual lending in PINE GROVE. He initialy disbursed some of the funds to note holders, stating they would get the balance as receivables were collected. Well 2 and 1/2 years later there has been no more money. At the meeting for the closing Mr. Marchalk said ” Any further questions feel free to call my office at any time.: Well at least 200 calls later this guy didn.t answer or return any of my calls. He undoubtedly has a lot of money that belongs to a lot of people in the Pine Grove area. Me .being one of them. Between myself and my uncle it is $140,000.00. This guy was either on the phone , in with a client, in court, out of town, You name the excuse, his secretary said it. Not blaming her at all. Just wondering if his death has something to do with this shady deal.

    • flatlander

      Guess that wasn’t a very wise investment you made but I’m sure you have a very large portfolio and many years experience in the subprime lending market. Did you happen to do any of those loan collections so you know exactly how much was recovered? Next time pick your investments more wisely, you deserve to lose what you did.


    any more info on this its been 24 hours? Is there a murder on the loose or what? The Skook is sure strange when a Murder or a Felony Robbery goes down. The line of communication to the public is absolutely odd. It is like its 1869 with telegraphs here. The recent frackville murder was really strange to. Everyone knew who got murdered and one news station in Allentown even announced it a day after it happened The other news outlets didnt release it for 5 more days saying it wasn’t released yet.

  • Jackhole

    Dont ask that Frackville police chief for help. He still can’t figure out who murdered that guy in Frackville. Has his hands really full with all of those street roamers smashing thier parts in abandoned buildings.

  • Wes69

    Another criminal from Frackville PA??? What is wrong with that town!? There’s a special vitamin dumb in their drinking water


      beating feet around Schuylkill County aint what it used to be. Was gonna go camping in Tamaqua. But im afraid to now.


    oh no another Schuylkill county story!. Whats the heck going on in those mountain laurel ad coal filled mountains! I know corruption and drugs but what else!

    • fand

      he was murdered. he also was recently receiving threats from a family member, not that it’s been proven it was him

      • Gary Shadle

        Gary Marchalk was hired to close office of mutual lending. Long story made short, Two and a half years ago was last distribution and only distribution of funds to investors. There was a lot of money to be collected and there has been no distribution. I personally called Mr. Marchalk hundreds of times over the years. Never accepted any calls and never would returned any calls. Where is this money? Does this have something to do with this. This is no BS this is fact. He has a lot of money belonging to a lot of people in the Pine Grove area

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