Troopers: 4-Year-Old Boy Dead After Accidentally Shooting Himself

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- State police could be seen carrying boxes for evidence into a home on Ash Lane near Brodheadsville, after troopers say 4-year-old Bentley Koch shot himself in the face.

First responders rushed the boy to the hospital, but the child did not survive.

Neighbor Ray Achey knows the family and says the pre-schooler was always friendly to kids and adults.

"My wife, when she takes my one grandson around the block on the golf cart, the little boy is always out in the driveway and they say hi to each other," Ray Achey, a neighbor, said.

Neighbors say shots can often be heard in this neighborhood because hunting and target practice are so popular here, but they call the death of a child heartbreaking.

Achey adds what happened here is a stark reminder of the importance of gun safety for his grandkids.

"We are going to have a heart to heart about it, and I do not ever want to see them touching them, until they can take the hunting safety test," Achey said.

State troopers say very young children love to explore, making it especially important to make sure guns are locked up.

"At that age, they sometimes don't understand the difference between TV and real life and it's sad," Trooper David Peters said.

Trooper Peters adds if the investigation reveals adults in the home were negligent they could face criminal charges.

"How did a 4 year old come in possession of a firearm? That's something we want to look at."



  • Terry

    This story is tragic and heartbreaking. It also doesn’t exactly line up with the NRA rhetoric that we are safer with more guns everywhere. Well, guns are everywhere, especially in that household, and yet a 4 year old is dead. I don’t see how that is “safer”.

  • archie is a jughead

    Hey Archie-check this out: “The cladding used to insulate Grenfell Tower, widely blamed for spreading the devastating blaze, is banned in Britain, Philip Hammond has said.” So a material that was banned in Britain to be used for a construction material was used anyway, and it caused over 50 deaths. Imagine that, an inanimate object banned, but somehow someone managed to get their hands on it and people died. How can that be?

  • Donamick

    Absolutely horrible an unimaginable I feel terrible for the family. But what I don’t understand is the writer questioning whether the little boy was
    ‘always friendly to kids and adults.’
    as if there might be some sort of mental there as in the case as in adult. which I don’t believe is very sensitive news writing

    • Amanda

      That 4 year child is my cousin. He was a very nice loving boy. This isn’t a firearm issue. The gun didn’t grow legs and do this. This is a safety issue. Banning guns isn’t going to make any type of gun related issue better. There are still other weapons in this world. Rip my sweet Bentley.

  • archie beal

    I would like to offer a sincere apology to everyone that I might have offended with my comments regarding firearms and the 2A. Truth be told, I’m a decorated war veteran that suffers from head-in-arse-itis and when I have my head up my backside I post things that are un-American and borderline insane. I managed to withdraw my head long enough to post this but I’m afraid it won’t last. So please, accept… Heil Hitler! 9/11 was an inside job! The earth is flat! Moon landings were fake! Tesla… Sorry, that didn’t last long, it’s back up there again, isn’t it?

  • Mike

    Please teach your kids and grandkids how dangerous touching a gun i just in case they ever come in contact with one. Instruct them to tell an adult immediately if they see a gun that they can access. I made my grandkids watch as I killed a woodchuck. They now know the results of a gun shot. Hopefully it’s a lesson they will not forget.
    Prayers to the family. It’s a tragedy but not a crime. I’m sure they are suffering enough.

  • let's talk facts

    I blame the NYC and New Jersey thugs that are invading our area with their crime epidemic. This, I’m sure is the reason the parents had to have a gun in their house to begin with.

    • Oh boy

      So wait…. lol everyone that has a gun in their house is a thug or doing illegal things??? You’re sure that’s why people have guns and that’s the only reason?? Or because of crime people need to have guns? Guns are a constitutional right regardless of why. Safety is important but so is keeping our constitution in tact.

  • Archie Beal

    Very sad situation. My prayers for family. Again no guns in society, this doesn’t happen. People demonstrate daily how irresponsible they really are. Leave the firearms to law enforcement and military personnel.

    • getoveryourself

      No swimming pools, no more kids would ever drown. No more vehicles none would die on the highway. No more cleaning agents, none would poison themselves. No more stairs, none would ever fall down them. No more bees and none would ever have an allergic reaction.

    • history colonel

      Aaaaaannnnndddd… he doesn’t disappoint. Leave it to a true pathetic loser to use this tragedy to further their deranged and idiopathic agenda. ‘But I said it was sad, and I said I prayed.’ Crocodile tears and empty words.

    • archie is a jughead

      How about cars, Archie? Cars still kill more than guns, and please don’t use the apples and oranges comparison. Cars are designed to be safe, their safety has been increased exponentially over the years, yet they still kill more people than guns. You’re an effing idiot and a heartless bastard.

      • MisterPL

        Of course cars have become safer. one of the auto industry’s main concerns is consumer safety and they do research to improve it all the time.

        The NRA, however, lobbies against such research. They have no interest in gun safety because it makes guns more expensive. The gun industry is all about paranoia so they can sell more guns to as many frightened cowards as possible. (They don’t want people to know that gun owners are 300% more likely to be killed in their own home by a firearm.)

        When we start treating firearms like automobiles – by training owners how to use them, testing them, licensing them, registering them, inspecting them annually, insuring them, etc. – then you can start drawing more relevant comparisons.

        Long story short: Automobiles are designed for transportation. Guns are designed to destroy. Welcome to Common Sense Land. Hang around for a while.

      • what was that sound?

        What was that sound? That was the sound of my point and any common sense going right over your head. “Of course cars have become safer” – no kidding – my point exactly. Yet they still kill people at an alarming rate – but we still climb in them every day and hurl them at each other with closing rates of 140 MPH plus. “The NRA, however, lobbies against such research.” no they don’t you fool. If you knew anything about guns you would know that the manufacturers accept responsibility and have recalled their products when there is even the slightest hint of a safety problem. I own dozens of guns. None of them have ever shot at or killed anyone. Why, because all but a few of them are kept unloaded and locked in a secure area. The others are kept safe but ready to use because unlike you, I refuse to be a sheep if and when the wolves come. Responsible ownership is key. Oh, there’s this pesky thing that’s going to drive you nuts – it’s called the Second Amendment. Welcome to un-infringed rights-land. Hang around, but if you don’t like it – move. Please cite your source of the 300% statistic, I would love to read more about it.

      • what was that sound?

        Hey MisterPL, I’m still waiting for you to cite the source of your 300% statistic…

      • Forrest Gump

        24 hours have passed, still no answer on the 300% quote. Jack Bauer would not be happy. Momma says if they can’t get back to you in day they aren’t worth bothering with.

  • So sad

    Can’t imagine what those parents are going through. But, that gun should never have been loaded or even in reach. If you want a firearm that’s your choice but safety should come first..

    • Really?

      I’m not anti-gun. If you live somewhere where you are an hour from police, or hunt, or just want a gun because it’s your RIGHT, have at it!! But be mindful, please.

      • obesity kills

        It’s all about repetitive cycles. How many times was this gun left for the child to get? Once, twice? Probably everyday since he was born. It just took that one day for him to mess with it. Just like Frosted Flakes, it doesn’t take just one or two to be deadly but over a lengthy period they are.

    • A2B2C

      Not the same at all. If this child ate a whole bag of Cheetos, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, would we? He’d be outside playing and everything would fine. Over time they can decide they don’t like Cheetos or junk food any longer. Problem solved. One Cheeto or one bag of Cheetos doesn’t kill. One bullet did.

  • Are you kidding!?!

    Tragic. Kids touch everything. It’s a natural curiosity. Until they are old enough to comprehend the inherent danger and trained in handling firearms; they need to be out of their reach. There is nothing the State can do to these people that is worse than the Hell they are going through now and will follow them for the rest of their lives.

  • Christina Totaro Renfer

    I blame the parents for A.) having a loaded firearm in the house, B.) Not having the safety on in the first place and C) Not having the firearm locked with a gun lock or in a gun safe.
    Although tragic for them, they are the ones at fault here.

  • J (@ds18301)

    Say what you want about sensible gun control (e.g.. treating gun ownership/operation like we do automobiles). But how do you argue these parents are not guilty of manslaughter?

    • shrek

      Now only if Archie would follow his lead. It’s simple Archie – look down the hole, pull the lever.

    • think positive

      Gun safety? How about adult negligence? The child was (4) FOUR! years old. Maybe kind of young to handle a gun.

    • Really?

      Exactly. Safety, not control. Those last 8 years where people clung to their weapons for fear that Obama would take them? Well hells bells! Ignorant paranoia unfounded! I don’t want your guns. But no one wants a dead four year old if it can be prevented.

  • Archie is a jughead

    Time for Archie Beal to show his true colors and use this sad story to spit his venom. C’mon Archie, show everyone what a heartless and deranged SOB you really are.

  • Archie's platform

    Here you go Archie, ripe for the picking, one that tugs on the heart-strings. Let’s smell your sewage on the second and fourth amendments.

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