Softball Concession Stand Burglarized Three Times in Schuylkill County

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ASHLAND -- State Police in Frackville continue to investigate a burglary. It wasn't a bank, a gas station or a liquor store. In fact, board members with the Ashland Area Softball League couldn't believe someone would steal from their concession stand not once, but three times this season.

Ashland Area League Treasurer Jack Flynn was getting ready for opening weekend back in May, when he walked into the concession stand at Willow Park and noticed the place had been burglarized.

"This cash box was empty," said Flynn. "We had ones and fives and quarters and so forth and they were all gone."

Thinking little of it, Flynn moved on. Until it happened again Thursday night into Friday and then for a third time Friday night into Saturday.

"Who would want to do that to the girls," Morganna Ferrari, the league secretary, asked. "This is all volunteer and there's donations. Whatever the league makes is how we keep funding the stand and keep the place going."

"Just sad," said Taylor Zahodnick, who plays on the 16 and under team for Ashland Area. "We spend a lot of time getting stuff for the concession stand. Now, it's all gone."

"Police came up and said there's no visual damage to the door or the opening window," said Flynn. "So our assumption was there must be a key missing. Either someone found a key, stole a key, lost a key years ago and nobody reported it."

The locks on the concession stand were replaced on Saturday, but league organizers have a message for whoever is responsible for burglarizing them this season.

"You're taking money, you're taking food, you're taking things away from the players and our local community," Flynn added. "Why do you need to do it?"

If you have any information about who could have possibly committed this crime, you're asked to call State Police in Frackville.

League organizers have started a fundraiser to help them recoup their losses, you can donate by clicking here. 



  • Grubby

    You do know that ashland is packed with mental midget and drug addicts? Drugs or no drugs those people are just plain slow. Their schools are all remedial level. There’s a charity that donates helmets to ashland trying to keep these poor people safe.

      • Grubby

        Sure, if like prescription pills, high school football, dirty houses, low IQs, and megan law offenders its a great place to live. Get yourself a job at one of the distribution centers and rock out to your favorite Dokken song.

    • nsgrad1989

      No way! I am more into Whitesnake. Not into Pills but sure like me some Schlitz on ice. My house is not dirty and Love me some high school sports.. Go spartans!

  • Common_Sense

    If the concession stand was robbed twice before why would you continue to leave the cash box on site for a third time to be robbed again? The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t a normal group or treasurer have two or more people count the amount in the box and then take it with them and not leave it there?

  • Dare

    Didn’t Ashland have that Captain guy as mayor? All of his boy boy contact aside, he’s probably the best man for this job. He knows the youth and all the ins and outs of Ashland inner workings from top to bottom.

    • Tommygunn

      This is just a tip of iceberg, the soccer field was vandalized numerous times in nearby Gordon. Someone even ran a truck through it. Also the Soccer fields down North Schuylkill Were vandalized in the last year real bad. People got no respect in this area.

      • Boody

        Don’t forget, I believe Jim Renick was taking pictures of boys at NS in the pool locker rooms. It might all be related.


    This is a great place! sorry to hear about the concession robbery in this beautiful town. i used to walk the hardknock 7.5 miles from Frackville to Ashland just to shop at the gay store on Centre street back in the 80s. They had the best sock collection probably in the united states. They had grey socks, black socks, blue socks even in very long varieties. This place was a gem. Not much shopping in Ashland nowadays. They still have a dollar store unlike frackville does!

  • Buddy

    Ashland has a lot of street lurkers akin to Frackville’s street roamers. Authorities are best to begin questioning those hanging out at the Bell or that junky little beer store next to the gas station. What a town of rejects.

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