Body of Missing Biker Found in Northampton County

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UPPER MOUNT BETHEL TOWNSHIP — A body found in Northampton County has been identified as a missing dirt bike rider from the Poconos.

Officials shut down part of Route 611 near Delaware Water Gap on Saturday night.

The Northampton County coroner confirmed on Saturday that the body of Kevin Woolf, 32, of Reeders, was found in a heavily wooded area, The Morning Call reports.

Woolf had been missing since Tuesday. He was believed to be riding his dirt bike in the Poconos and had gotten lost.

Crews spent the day Thursday searching for Woolf.

The cause of Woolf’s death remains under investigation.


  • Marian BAiley

    WOW! A life was lost and you jerks are making a farce of it. Real intelligent. Have a little respect, for God’s sake. What a nice collection of low lifes.

  • sid

    To Kevin’s friend and family, I am sorry for your loss, and I am sorry for the unkind comments from the people here who think they are better than others, their words prove otherwise.

    • Smh

      Thankfully Sid most people in mt bethel aren’t in this viewing area so most of them won’t see this. But I am with you. There is no respect at all. From other comments thy sound like hard core conservatives. I was under the impression conservatives were god fearing people, but from these comments, they just sound EVIL! If by some way friends or family of the deceased see this I want to make it clear that not everyone in this area is like them. This is disgraceful!!!

  • Smh

    Unless this guy traveled the two and a half hours from frackville to Mt Bethel (which is by Jersey) this story has absolutely nothing to do with frackville. Just goes to show how intelligent the people who comment on here are.
    And if I get majority thumb down it just goes to show you how right I am ;)

      • Smh

        Oh thank you for the explanation of how the thumbs up thumbs down works. (sarcasm). Since I have to spell this out to you proves my point exactly. I would never want people like you to agree with me being that the people commenting on wnep’s news stories are obviously not too bright and by not agreeing with me proves that I am not on your very low level. I think it is amusing, however, that everyone is trying to cover up how ridiculously stupid you guys sounded when you all thought mt bethel was by frackville. “We can talk about whatever we want… Wah wah wah!”

  • Cranker

    Anyone ever see frackville pa? They have distribution centers, prisons, dumps, and freaks on their streets. Low IQs and perverted sports coaches. Great area

      • Smh

        He is not from frackville, he probably never been to frackville this guys probably never HEARD of frackville ( lucky him). We own a cottage in Mt Bethel and know for a fact that it is no where near Schuylkill County. Wow you people are SO stupid! Oh must be that your from frackville!! Lol

  • Crotchy

    I always wondered what those people walking around frackville were up to. That place probably has a lot of people that shoukd be watched closely. No one walking the streets shoukd be trusted

  • Mushpants

    Is Frackville actually just a government test area and all the weird residents are just effects of the various experiments?

    • dunmore, not less

      Yes they are having a block party. You can always tell because the soiled BVDs are hanging over every powerline on the block,not just down by the Vo-Tech woods. The pedo street roamers get very active during this hot weather. Their skintight soiled jogging pants with thigh high socks, associated with their velcro sneakers just add to the sexual stimulation.

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