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One in Custody After Shooting in Hazleton

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Cristian Carrion-Ruiz

HAZLETON — One man is in the hospital and another is in custody after a shooting in Hazleton.

Police said a man showed up at the hospital around 2 p.m. Saturday after he had been shot in the neck. He and two other men had been shot at along East Diamond Avenue.

Investigators identified the alleged shooter as Cristian Carrion-Ruiz, 22, of Hazleton.

Police surrounded his home on East Diamond Avenue and took him into custody shortly after 8 p.m.

He is locked up in Luzerne County awaiting arraignment.



    Do the “Tighten Up” on your comments Archie Bell and the Drells…Go away please. I’m asking nice.

  • magicmikexxsm

    LOL Latino’s and what not’s account for 99.9% of the crime in Hazleton……in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s Hazleton was lucky to have a robbery once a year, when it was majority white….kind of makes ya wonder……Henna……

  • Archie is a jughead

    Hey Archie-check this out: “The cladding used to insulate Grenfell Tower, widely blamed for spreading the devastating blaze, is banned in Britain, Philip Hammond has said.” So a material that was banned in Britain to be used for a construction material was used anyway, and it caused over 50 deaths. Imagine that, an inanimate object banned, but somehow someone managed to get their hands on it and people died. How can that be?

  • archie Beal

    I would like to offer a sincere apology to everyone that I might have offended with my comments regarding firearms and the 2A. Truth be told, I’m a decorated war veteran that suffers from head-in-arse-itis and when I have my head up my backside I post things that are un-American and borderline insane. I managed to withdraw my head long enough to post this but I’m afraid it won’t last. So please, accept… Heil Hitler! 9/11 was an inside job! The earth is flat! Moon landings were fake! Tesla… Sorry, that didn’t last long, it’s back up there again, isn’t it?

    • the suffering is almost over Archie

      That’s ok Archie, my Dad was a Nam vet also. Biggest piece of shit you ever did see. It’s not your fault that Charlie still has a hold of your military brainwashed brain. Just sit back and relax, Agent Orange should be giving you cancer anyday now. :)

      • McCracken

        It’s sarcasm. The wall is a ridiculous idea, and a waste of money. For one, it won’t stop people from overstaying their visas. There is no way to make Mexico pay for it, either. US consumers will foot the bill.

  • K Uren

    My husband grew up in Northern NJ only a stone’s throw from Paterson & half hour drive to NYC ~ we lived in that area for many years too…raised our children there…was NOT the greatest or easiest place to raise children ! We live in Central Pa now … I grew up in NE Pa and believe me I see the changes that have taken place and it is NOT for the better ! The Poconos are communities for Jerseyeans , New Yorkers and plenty out of Philly too… WB used to be a great city…my Father worked at a silk mill in WB in the 50s & 60s~ it is sad to see what has happened to it ! yes, some families leave the metro areas to make a better life , unfortunately their kids bring the gang ways with them ! I don’t have a problem with diversity but I do have a problem with trying to exist with crime when it wasn’t that way before ! Our once quiet & peaceful neighborhoods are turning into crime laden lawless “hoods ” ! I don’t claim to have an answer to these problems but do know our law enforcements have their hands full !! … It is just very sad to see these changes in the towns which were safe places to live and raise families turn into dangerous crime ridden slums.

  • Lance

    Parents bring thwir kids out of nyc and new jersey to give them a better life. But these punks would rather bring the gang thug life with them. Throw his ass in jail throw away the key. Or do what they do in some south american countries. Put them on a shop drag it out to the pacidic and blow it up.

  • J (@ds18301)

    After weeks of only seeing lily-white faces committing truly atrocious crimes on this site, it is so predictable to see the racist comments when *finally* a non-white does something.

  • Commonsense

    Nepa and Central pa is in big trouble. Baby boomers have been and will continue to pass away. Children moved out of area. Property gets bought by slumlords who rent out to anyone. Mostly the criminal element From jersey or Ny. Cycle continues.

  • Archie Beal

    I suppose you fool don’t think there is a problem. Firearms need to be confiscated and removed from society. Reserved only for law enforcement and military personnel. This gun violence is out of control and needs to be stopped. The solution is BAN all firearms.

    • WarningFakeNews

      Contrary to the left’s approach of attempting to silence political opposition, I encourage Archie and all those whom agree with him to keep being blunt and to the point in letting us know EXACTLY what you want to do.

      The democrat party hasn’t lost enough voters yet, much more needs to be done, and Archie is working for our side to speed this all up.

    • Writer Girl

      The people behind the guns, like this useless punk, is the problem and guess what? Criminals will always get illegal guns, just like they do now.

    • pot smoker

      As soon as the gun free zone works in Chicago , we’ll listen to you–NOT — Stupid people like you would deliver us to higher crime , Please educate yourself with reality .

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Why don’t you move to Detroit? Michigan HAS some of the toughest gun control laws in the country…..see how that works for You! In Detroit, only the criminals have Guns. You can go there and ask them to stop with your endless wit! I’m sure they will listen to your logic and just hand over all their ILLEGALLY OBTAINED guns!

    • archie is a jughead

      Are you doing anything else about this other than ramble on and on and post the same drivel every time a thug flashes a gun or pulls a trigger? Have you written to your elected officials? Have you started a petition and gone after as many signatures as you can get? Have you gone to Harrisburg or Washington to lobby? Otherwise you’re just annoying the heck out of everyone that comes across your endless diatribe of nonsense. Actually even if you are you’re doing anything you’re wasting your time because the 2A and 4A will NEVER be rewritten or go away thanks to nut jobs like you. No one takes you seriously. I’m sure people avoid you when they see you coming. Give it a rest already. Look at the votes you’re getting. Please, just go away. You need mental help.

  • Joe Shopper

    Liberals and city slickers wonder why in PA we cling to our guns and Bible- Hazleton is the example- same with Williamsport. Our problem is too much influx of diversity from liberal cities to here. Some new comers are ok- they actually do want a better life- but many dont- folks from NJ wants to recreate our area into another Jersey- they demand all the infrastructure and services that the aity rea they fled from have. Such policies price natives out of their homes: and more often then now- the diversity is the gang thug crowd- saggy pants and rap music. To those people in urban areas- let me be clear- PA is racist and good ole boy- there is nothing here but backward red necks- there is no excitement and the cops will fine you for sneezing. Tell everyone you know that NEPA is a terrible place to live

    • Stan Johnson

      You do know that the majority of Spanish speakers in Hazleton are not Mexican, right? How do you think the racist wall will help? Dummy.

  • Leeg

    Hazleton Seems Real safe, when there’s not a molestation story in Nepa. Hazleton shootings fill in the gaps. tv

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