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Hoagie Shop Closes After 115 Years in Business in Lackawanna County

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MOOSIC -- A beloved hoagie shop in Lackawanna County closed its doors for good Saturday, after 115 years in business.

Berlew's Hoagies on Main Street in Moosic was so busy on its final day of business that the shop ran out of buns by 1:30 p.m.

Customers say Berlew's is a fixture of the community and will be missed.

"They have the best tuna ever. I don't know where I'm going after here," said Terri McGinty of Taylor.

The owners of Berlew's said it was a tough decision to close the shop and told Newswatch 16, "it was time."


  • Ol' Bert

    I hope somebody else re-opens it and keeps everything the same. Some of the best hoagies ever and nothing else is similar!

  • Carlo Calogero

    What ever you do. Do not tell this to Marcus Lemonis. He would slap them dead in the face!! 95 percent of business owners have no idea what they are doing as far as fundamentals of business. Opening a door and putting signs up anyone can do. People Process and Product follows. I feel so bad for them. There is no reason to close this store. I actually was there like 2 moths ago and had a talk with the red headed girl that works there, great and friendly people by the way and as I was waking out I told her. Hey I always wanted to tell you guys this. Is this a hoagie shop or a candle shop? I tried to help her and said get rid of the trinkets and shit that nobody buys. She said you are so right. We are trying to get rid of it all. I told her listen put up a 50% off sign and free up some cash and get rind of the trinkets. It’s a hoagie shop not a candle shop ya know. People are buying chips and sodas with there tuna! Not a candle. So disappointed in this. Is so so terrible and very depressing. No reason what’s so ever to close such an awesome establishment like this. Man oh man!

    • Scran-Tony

      What’s up Spic n Span.
      Definitely a North Pocono education.
      If you’re going to comment while high, use a fake name.

      • Sam I Am

        Rag on the guy all you want, at least his business is not going
        OB !!
        BTW what built Berlews was the combined work force of Panel Prints, Topps and Schott Optical.
        And Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, 2 of those 3 are now gone, and the fact that the bridge was out, and the road was closed for quite a while.

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