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Grand Opening for New Dog Park in Archbald

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ARCHBALD -- There's a new dog park in Lackawanna County.

The Jason Corazzi Memorial Dog Park had its grand opening Saturday afternoon in Archbald. The park, which was created in memory of late dog lover Jason Corazzi, aims to give pets and their owners a safe and fun place to play.

Corazzi was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2006.

"My heart is filled with love and joy and gratitude. I can't express that enough. People are good. They're very good," said Trina Monarchi, Jason's mom.

Construction on the park started in 2014.

His family hopes the park will honor Jason's passion for animals.


  • Super Doggo

    My dogs are too well educated to mingle with the common scum. Make a park for the more privileged echelon of canines and then tell me the news

  • Lance

    This is news? I guess world events the nonsense in Washington obviously can’t compete with an area that dogs can take a crap. Wake up!

      • Lance

        None that gets reported with as much detail as this “fake news”. So bury your head watch bs if that makes you sleep better

      • You Can't Be Serious

        You’re really disturbed, aren’t you?
        You remind me of that democrat with the list in D.C.
        If you aren’t on medication, please see a doctor tomorrow. Probably ready to go off, aren’t you?

      • Lance

        Obviously your medication should be upped to maximum. Dog parks arent news get that through you liberal whiney ass skull. You mad because hildabeast lost. Well get over it

    • You Can't Be Serious

      Still a thing it, lib? Look up the definition of “news” and report back. Immediately! Do as you’re ordered.
      I’m sure you think 9-11 was an inside job too? I’ll bet you believe that jet contrails are the government spraying us? What about the New World Order? Funny stuff from you people.

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