Cabaret to Close in Kingston; No Longer a Strip Club

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KINGSTON -- A strip club prosecutors call a nuisance is being stripped down and could be turned into a sports bar.

The Luzerne County District Attorney's Office has reached a deal with the owner of Cabaret for some big changes.

As part of the agreement with prosecutors, the business is expected to stay closed for six months, when the son of the current owner is expected to take control. The new owner is expected to renovate the space and transform the building into tentatively a sports bar.

"The Kingston Police Department literally had hundreds of calls where they responded over the years," said Deputy District Attorney Chester Dudick Jr. "I'm not talking that far back, going back to just 2014 or 2015, hundreds of calls. They were there constantly."

For people in the community, the idea of the building possibly becoming a sports bar is an idea they can get behind.

"It would be a lot better," said Wade Justin Thomas, who lives right down the street. "[Kingston] is a family place, not somewhere where husbands can go to blow their money."

"I think it would be really great," said Mary Rose Rickenbach, who works across the street at Simon and Co. Jewelers. "I think the community could really use it. We don't have anything like that in this area. When you go to college towns, you have lots of sports bars, like when I think of Penn State or Boston. I think it would be a really good addition to the community."

As part of the deal with prosecutors, Cabaret is expected to officially close on Monday and stay closed for six months, before it can open again as a new kind of business.

Newswatch 16 did speak with the original owner of Cabaret, Jules Greenberg, he declined to comment for this story.


  • More Jobs?

    I thought when Trump won we were going to get more jobs..this will surely lead to less coal jobs now

  • Steve

    I think this is a bad thing for the local community. All closing a strip club will do is encourage stripping behaviors in our homes

    • Jimmy

      How will we talk to our kids about appropriate places to expose your body for money, if not for establishments like this in our communities!?

    • El Ma

      YOU SEEM TO BE WEARING A PAIR OF DEVIL’S DUMPLINGS!, it’s not that it’s a strip joint. It’s that there have been countless calls to 911 about fights, etc.

      Any place can be a “nuisance,” including skateboard parks, convenience stores, teen centers, and Westboro Baptist Church.

      If exotic dancers could work in places where their clientele could behave with some decorum, that would not be an issue, as far as I’m concerned. But, when any establishment has that number of complaints, then there’s a cultural and societal problem.

  • Yay!!

    Places like that are nasty! Why does anyone have to take their clothes off to earn a living. It’s shameful. Places like that should NEVER be allowed to open at all.

  • Feed Me More

    poor girls working hard for their money from gullible guys, let them earn their cash! i might have to open a new place up for these girls to work at. hard for a good looking dancer to make money in PA these days with all the clubs shutting down because of idiots

  • El Ma

    Are you kidding me? “The Kingston Police Department literally had hundreds of calls where they responded over the years,” said Deputy District Attorney Chester Dudick Jr.

    First of all, there should be a limited number of nuisance calls before a place is shut down by ANY city, borough, or township. THEN, there should be no possibility for a license to sell alcohol. Ever. If there have been THAT many calls to THAT specific place, then it was a problem that was never going to end.

    The fact that “Nzinga-bazinga-bomsheequa-vagineeshia” was just one of the character in this awful mess is shameful for her, but also shameful for Kingston. Why was that place still allowed to operate if there had been so many calls? Did it take the endangerment of 2 innocent kids to finally get the point across that this place was a problem?

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. That’s “negligence” on the part of Kingston politicians.

    • Scran-Tony

      Are you gonna win the trouser snake round up again this year. It’s amazing that you catch them all with your mouth.

      • El Ma

        SCRAN-TONY, struck a nerve, did I? A regular at the strip joint, were you? Gonna miss your bi-weekly visit with “Candy?” are you? Oh, sad, sad, sad little boy……….

    • Scran-Tony

      I like the way you talk to me. We should get together. Candy is out of the picture now. I swear.

      • El Ma

        SCRO-TOMY, “…like the way (I) talk…” and you’re the one typing about “…trouser snake roundup?” On your very best day, I can far exceed you on my very worst day, little man. Now, go home to your mommy’s basement before she takes away your Doritos and Mountain Dew.

  • archie beal

    Repeal and rewrite the 2nd and 4th ammendments immediately. Unnecessary violence will subside dramatically!

    • El Ma

      There’s always the ol’ standby at Walmart. Apparently, you can not only leave your kids in the car, but you can leave the car running, too! What a great solution to day care and babysitters, right?

      (face-palm) What has happened to this world when people have become SO willfully stupid??? This isn’t just people making errors, it’s people who are exhibiting depraved indifference. I mean, these people are meeting the standards to be charged with this legal term: depraved indifference. They simply don’t care………………until they get caught. Even then, they won’t stand up and say, “I made a HUGE error in judgement.” They always, always blame THEIR actions on everything else under the sun.

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