Mom Faces Child Endangerment Charges After Allegedly Leaving Kids in Car While She Drank

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KINGSTON -- A mother in one part of Luzerne County is facing child endangerment charges after she allegedly left her two children in a vehicle unattended while she drank inside a strip club.

Police say Nzinga Callendar, 29, of Bear Creek Township was arrested Friday after police in Kingston responded to a call at the Cabaret Strip Club on Market Street, where two young children were crying after reportedly being left unattended in a car for at least two hours.

Police found Callendar inside the bar, drinking alcohol.

Her bail was set at $20,000, and she is still currently locked up in Luzerne County.


  • BLm

    My kids got me a Nzinga calendar for Fathers Day last year. The only holidays it showed was MLK day and Kwanza, and the only month was February.

  • McCracken

    Thank your parents. These kids did not choose to have such an incompetent mother. They start life, already, at an extreme disadvantage.

  • Archie Beal

    Repeal and rewrite the 2nd and 4th ammendments immediately. Unnecessary violence will subside dramatically!

    • Archie is a jughead

      Wrong story Archie, no guns used on this one. Nice to see you still have it though. How’s Lt. Dan?

    • Real American

      Tell that to the people run over by vans in London. Gun violence might go down, but other crimes will rise.

  • Lance

    Another mom of the year candidate. Take the kids away take away her child welfare checks and what ever public assistance she is on. She should be forced to work to pay off fines and whatever else the state finds necessary. Maybe she will learn something instead of bucking the system.

  • dinn do nuffins

    Shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. Typical behavior with these people. Dad’s in prison, mom’s working the system, children will grow up to be hood ratted thugs.I wonder why they live like this? It must be a chromosome thang.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Absolutely. It’s not solely a race thing though. It has to be genetics or some mental deficiency.

      End the

      Forced sterilization is the answer, it’s just the criteria that needs refining.

  • pot smoker

    Only the best girls drink at strip joints , Her kids were supposed to be out selling drugs , not hanging in the car , Worthless kids , wonder where they get it from ?

  • Sam I Am

    Of course she left them in the car, most likely the children’s birthplace and home away from home.

  • El Ma

    Please. Some people have no business exercising the “right” to reproduce. There are people out there that should never, ever, EVER bring an innocent soul into this world because they aren’t prepared, spiritually, mentally, financially, ethically, or morally.

    Certainly, there’s no such thing as a “perfect parent,” but leaving one’s children inside a vehicle where they could have been abducted by anyone………to go inside of a strip joint and drink? REALLY!?!?!?!

    “Nzinga” = bazinga You won the Lockup Sweepstakes where you will spend a fabulous span of time in one of Pennsylvania’s Corrections Resort Motels. Lodging and meals are free of charge. Enjoy!

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