Second Day of Trial for Mom Accused of Attempted Homicide in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE -- Prosecution rested its case against a mother charged with two counts of attempted homicide of her two children in Luzerne County.

Melissa Scholl walked out of the Luzerne County Courthouse after her second day on trial Thursday. She is accused of trying to kill herself and her two children with carbon monoxide by hooking up a hose to her car's exhaust pipe in a school bus parking lot.

The prosecution has a Luzerne County detective take the stand this afternoon -- it was an effort to show there were inconsistent statements made by her 9-year-old son Julian in court Wednesday afternoon.

Defense, however, focused on the fact that the car was not running when bus driver Robert Shinal pulled the hose out of the window. Scholl's parents -- Angelita and Rollin Stanton -- were both called to the stand. Her father said Scholl didn't have the capability to kill her children, he said "Melissa was my little drama the time, I knew she wasn't going to hurt herself. It was just basically a reason for calling out for herself."

The trial was supposed to wrap up Thursday, but it continues on Friday morning in Luzerne County.



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