Search for Missing Biker Underway in the Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Search and rescue crews are still looking for a man from the Poconos who has been missing since Tuesday.

Officials say Kevin Woolf, 32, from Reeders, was riding his dirt bike on a trail near Stroudsburg and hasn't been seen since.

It's been a busy day for members of Northeast Search and Rescue, Stroud Township Fire Department, and the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.

Dozens of people spent the day in the woods in Stroud Township looking for Woolf.

Woolf has been missing since Tuesday officials believe he was headed towards the Mount Bethel area.

"His father had a flat on his UTV and he was going to help him and they never met up. The father did get back and the family did contact him by phone Tuesday morning. We had a ping on his phone at 12:30 Tuesday and that is the last that we have had any contact or pings on his cell phone," said Chief Bruce Barton, Northeast Search and Rescue.

Missing persons fliers were put up throughout the trail.

Officials had a few good leads from hikers during the search.

One was from Darryl Solomon who was on the Appalachian Trail and spotted a dirt bike that matched the one Woolf was driving.

"I didn't realize people were looking for this bike. I just happened to bump into search and rescue on my way northbound and on happenstance on my way southbound, I saw a bike, went to call 911 and in the middle of my call of 911, I ran into the same search and rescue crew I talked to earlier, flagged them down and just walked them over to the bike," said Solomon.

Officials don't believe there is any foul play because on one of Woolf's last contacts, he mentioned he may have been lost.

Crews say it is important to stay on the main trail because if you stray off it, it's very easy to get lost or make a wrong turn. That's why it's important to stay where it's clearly marked.

"You just need to be smart when you're out there, like, going off the trail, you don't want to go off the trail," said East Stroudsburg resident Kelly Harrison.

Search and rescue crews are asking anyone with information on Kevin Woolf to call 911.

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