Prostitution Charges against Lackawanna County Business

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ARCHBALD — A woman is accused of running prostitutes out of a business in Lackawanna County.

Juanita Frey, 64, of Swoyersville is charged with prostitution and other counts.

Archbald police say they received complaints about possible illegal activity at the Total Indulgence III spa on the Scranton-Carbondale Highway in Eynon.

An undercover investigation led to the arrest.


  • Scran-Tony

    Doing the math
    Sex with my girl costs me $40 per minute.
    Plus I have to deal with all the craziness.
    She is on vacation right now.
    Anyway, what is the going rate for a z-jay.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Leave the Prostitutes alone, they are just trying to make a living..if women can have abortions because they claim it’s their body and right , then why can’t women sell their body’s if they want to to make cash……why because the gov’t doesn’t make any money off of it….that’s why……So legalize it, and tax it….

  • pot smoker

    Nasty , A whole load of trash taken out , The posters on here aren”t real bright either , probably disappointed customers missing that lady in the Picture . Ewe !

  • Archie Beal

    Lloyd something tells me you are a very lonely narrow minded simpleton that really needs to step up to reality. Boy what a fool! I’d love to knock you out

  • Lance

    The cornerstone of this great country is business. So to close this place down would be considered restraint of trade. How un-American! Legalize it tax it and knowing our government regulate it to death. It would be off the streets and would be open to hiring citizens and immigrants. Because that’s the American way!


    Another fine example on how illegals and BLM goons are taking entrepreneurship opportunities from hard working white christian folks. I have no doubt that if a good clean christian woman was running this pleasure establishment it would have been properly run, paid their taxes in a timely fashion, and not have attracted such degenerates that caused their employees to lose their jobs.

  • Tony

    Absolutely should be legal . What consenting adults do or agree to do for whatever terms and conditions in private , are nobody’s business. Buy her a ring it ok , take her out for dinner its ok, but give her cash and its illegal… i call BS.

    • COACHO

      When you pay $20,000 plus for a wedding like some men do. Thats probably dumber than prostitution, when people on average get divorced in 10-15 years. It should be legal!

      • Meg

        So what you both are pretty much saying is that the only reason ALL men buy dinner/engagement rings/get married/etc. (which usually BOTH parties chip in for, sometimes with help from parents, if they can manange it) is because they’re expecting sex in return? Do you know how ignorant and stupid that sounds? Here’s an amazing concept for you both, sometimes people actually love and care for another person and like to do nice things for them, not expecting anything in return. Or they spend $20k on a wedding because they love that person and want to marry them. I don’t care either way if prostitution is legal ever or not, what consenting adults do in private should be no one’s business, but comparing paying for sex to things people do in a committed relationship is just asinine. Unless you’re a total pig and don’t care about your partner as a person, and only look at them as a sex toy.

      • E

        I think Think Positive needs to think before they speak or write. Ha ha! What else do you have coal miner trash ha ha!

    • Lloyd rational thinker Schmucatelli

      You want to take away guns but are against legalizing prostitution?

      Fine line you walk.

    • Saynototrump

      It’s legal in vegas and doesn’t over crowd their prison systems with non violent offenders. I say legalize it, tax it.

  • nsgrad1989

    I hope they weren’t paying for the individual in the provided mugshot. But hey in places like Frackville it would possibly work.

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