Passion Lounge Gutted by Fire in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at a club that's been the site of trouble in Wilkes-Barre.

No one was inside the Passion Lounge on Scott Street in Wilkes-Barre when the fire began at 4:45 a.m. and no one was hurt.

Hours later, nearby business owner Jason Moore saw the damage for the first time.

"Not totally surprising based on what goes on at that place apparently, but you know, it happens," said Moore.

Moore says it's a shame that it was destroyed but admits the lounge did have its fair share of issues. Police investigated a shooting outside the lounge just a few weeks ago.

"The cops are coming in my place asking me for footage, you know, because I have security cameras. I mean it seems like it's just a nuisance."

Firefighters say this fire was extremely hot and smoky. They actually had to break the door to this neighboring insurance company in an effort to make sure the fire wouldn't spread.

"So happy that it didn't go to ours," said Leah Brzycki, owner of 2nd Chance Treasures.  "It's unfortunate though, that's someone's business, and unfortunately it happened. Thank God no one was hurt."

Business owners say they felt unsafe working so close to the Passion Lounge especially considering there have been three shootings near the lounge since it opened two years ago.

"It would make anyone nervous to have something like that next door," Brzycki added.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause.


  • Archie Beal

    I have a good idea, don’t go to bars and you won’t have to tolerate these type of people. Why does everything in this area have revolve around bars and drinking. People need to get a life and hobbies . I wish all the bars would close.

  • frank rizzo

    Between this and the Cabaret being taken out the same day, some good neighborhood bar will get overrun by the same element that hung out at these places. It was the only good thing about keeping them open, it kept everywhere else clean and issue free. Roaches will always find a new place to go.

  • nsgrad1989

    This looks like that Celebrity room Strip club building on Penn Alley in frackville. That was a rat hole. That didn’t burn down though now its just an abandoned roamer hangout.

    • nsgrad1989

      The bouncer that dated the strippers there was a younger man lucky to be 5foot7. It was a pretty pathetic place. It closed maybe 10 years ago. Now its abandoned blight.

  • The Mumbler

    Get ready folks – the vermin will now just simply move on to the bar in YOUR neighborhood.

  • Just a girl

    I think it was Arson. They knew they were getting shutdown. What better way to recoup your investment?

  • JJ

    What a coincidence, people get shot inside the place and a week or two later it burns down…damn lightening. It attracted cock roaches anyway.


    The only ones mourning this “tragedy” are the BLM goons and illegals that frequent that place. Good riddance, The city needs to continue its agenda of burning down trouble-making establishments and running the undesirables out of town. It’s time to make our communities great again!

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