Inspiring Firefighters Through Artwork

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SCRANTON -- One of Scranton's oldest buildings has a new piece of art.  High school students created a mural to spruce up part of the city's Fire Headquarters and they hope it inspires the firefighters who will see it for years to come.

Michelangelo's "David" stands proudly in Florence, Italy.  Three West Scranton High School students were just as proud to see their version of David displayed inside Scranton's Fire Headquarters on Mulberry Street.

Fire chief Pat DeSarno commissioned the work.  He thought the firefighters' gym needed some sprucing up.

The trio of West Scranton artists responded in a big way.

"They [the firefighters] were just, awed, they were awed by it, it is pretty imposing, it`s gigantic, it`s Goliath, you know? It`s awesome," DeSarno said.

David is the underdog who beat Goliath.  The student's saw some symbolism there.

"We wanted to paint on their uniform to show that we are thankful for them, we want to show our gratitude for their triumph, this is their own victory as well. Because they`ve done so much for the community and for our loved ones," said senior Jay Nguyen.

The painting took Nguyen, Katelyn Winters, and Ryan Alverio about five months to complete.

"we just looked at pictures of the statue, looked at pictures of the uniform that they wear and just put it all on the canvas," Winters said.

The Fire Chief says the canvas will hang there as long as the building stands.  He's hoping other young artists will add to the collection overtime.

"A piece of my artwork is going to be seen everyday, from these firefighters, it`s awesome," Alverio added.

The students hope David's awesome presence provides some inspiration for the firefighters.

"I hope they draw a lot of inspiration and I hope they are proud of themselves for helping all of us," Nguyen added.

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