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Congressman Barletta Talks about D.C. Shooting

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- For the past six years, U.S. Representative Lou Barletta was a member of the Republican congressional baseball team. He decided last month not to play this year.

Newswatch 16 spoke with the congressman by phone Wednesday morning.

Congressman Barletta was jolted by the shooting in Washington D.C. and wondered what would have happened if he decided to play another year.

The congressman, who was a star baseball player at Hazleton Area High School and Bloomsburg University, loved practicing for the yearly game in the nation's capital where he pitched and played the outfield.

He is also a close friend of Rep. Steve Scalise, the House of Representative's majority whip who was shot during baseball practice.

Congressman Barletta said because Scalise was a member of the House leadership, he was the only one there who had a security detail with him.

'When I saw the news flash on the TV that Steve Scalise was shot, I've literally been in shock since. These are my friends, these are my colleagues. If Steve, who is in leadership was not there, the one member who was shot, this would have been a massacre," said Rep. Barletta.

Congressman Barletta points out that the game brings Republicans and Democrats together to raise more than $500,000 for underprivileged children.

Barletta adds that if he chose to play this year, he would have been playing first base and likely standing next to Congressman Scalise at the time of the shooting.


  • CeeMe

    It’s disgusting what this country has come to. The so-called inclusive, tolerant left, can’t tolerate anyone, but everyone will blame this nut jobs actions on the Republicans. Sick.

    • lookback

      Poor poor pitiful snowflake republican, them dems are picking on us and we would never say anything bad about a democratic president, boo hoo, mommy the dems are picking on us, make them stop. Go cry to your orange sphincter super hero trump, maybe he could get the Russians to help you with your inferiority complex. The minority party of republicans voters have turned into a bunch of cry babies wailing for their daddy trump, how pathetic.

  • lookback

    Wow Lou came out of hiding from his constituents, guess he saw the cameras rolling with no questions, what bravery. Good thing the republican that was shot has Obamacare, if it would have happened after Trumpcare kicked in, they would have thrown a band aid at the guy and said your on your own buddy, now stop being a taker. Of course Lou had to make it all about himself.

    • Jack Kerouac

      You, sir, are a dolt. You cannot spell (or type) and you sit back an pass judgment on people who are more successful than you. Just like all the other NEPA cretins, all that you know is to hide behind the computer screen and sling mud. You should have (not “of”) paid more attention in Mrs. Kowalski’s English class. I would love to meet you for a coffee and call you on all of your lies and great knowledge of everything. Please tell me what it’s like to be omniscient. (Look it up).

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