Two Water Main Breaks in Scranton’s Hill Section

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SCRANTON -- Crews have fixed two water main breaks in Scranton's hill section.

There were two six-inch breaks on Tuesday morning. One was located on East Gibson Street between Quincy Avenue and Clay Avenue, and the other was on Myrtle Street between Clay Avenue and North Webster Avenue.

According to Pennsylvania American Water, around 20 people were affected by each break.

A tanker was located in the 800 block of Clay Avenue.

Officials said the repairs were completed by 4 p.m. Tuesday.


  • hkhkhk khkhkh

    It’s better paved 1 yr and water don the next. Any time 2 utilities are done 1 time isn’t good. Even if it seems batched & efficient, done at 1 time… too much equipment on 1 road. – NOT good. – …Insurance….

  • Hard Rain Overlord

    With MANY more to follow… Who pays for this old infrastructure? You best believe it won’t be American Water. Am I the only one who remembers that American water won a 12 mil lawsuit against the city of Scranton 10 years ago??? How about the one man who predicted the housing crash?? They made a movie about it?? Today he invests in WATER. Start BREATHING heavy…. Air will be next… Listen….. things MUST CHANGE!,. it is not an Ozzie and harriet world any longer. Does anyone really want more crap from wallshart and the dollar store? No jobs, kids with not an ounce of common sense. Their rights of passage stripped away.. Now their FB posts will effect their future just as much as a criminal record would… A hard rain is gonna FALL

  • Donamick

    Yes so you know what this means right?? it means now they’ve officially cut 100% into every single newly paved road that was just paved last year!!

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