State No Longer Pursuing Some People for Unpaid Taxes

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HARRISBURG -- Newswatch 16 has an update following an investigation into how the state is trying to recoup long overdue taxes.

Newswatch 16's Dave Bohman profiled several people in our area who say they don't owe taxes as the state claims.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue now apparently agrees.

On Tuesday, state officials told Carroll Winans from Mahanoy City and Lorraine Costabile from Hazleton they do not owe back taxes.

Both received several letters from the state warning them if they don't take advantage of a tax amnesty program, they could be fined.

It turns out Winans did not owe $114 in income taxes from 1987--when she was just two years old, and Costabile did not owe money from inheritance following the death of her husband 18 years ago.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue encourages anyone who feels the amnesty letters are inaccurate to contact the department.


  • So ridiculous!

    The whole govt. System is twisted. My husband payed taxes with a certified check from the bank which they cashed and are still after him to pay these same taxes. They need to do their jobs properly. All they do is rip people off. Then on top of it they switch you around to a million people who in turn switch to other peop!me. Just keeps going in a circle. They need to get their heads out of their butts and help people like they are supposed too!

  • Tax me again please

    Forgive people for unpaid taxes then they will only raise everyone else’s taxes to pay for it. I will stop paying taxes tomorrow thank you.


      Sandusky and his boys get a full pension, While I will be on SSA when I retire in a few years. Life dont seem fair. I may have to model in to my late 80s.

    • another truck driver

      and i got one to. in 2009 i paid $2500 cash + 6% state tax for a 10yr old truck that had rust issues, needed repairs and had over 100k. 3 months later, the state felt fair market for (that rusty, truck was worth $10k and wanted additional taxes.) i fought 3 years till i threatened suit of harrassment. they dropped it till now. the BS i went through. letters from previous owner, photos, documents, time.
      (this is extortion)
      You see the states mentality? to control its residents down to what they pay for re-sale!

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