Federal Government Denies Appeal for Blizzard Funds

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HARRISBURG -- The federal government has declined a second request for disaster funds for the blizzard that hit northeastern and central Pennsylvania in March.

Governor Tom Wolf made the announcement Tuesday afternoon.

The governor's first request for a disaster declaration in May was denied. He filed an appeal earlier this month in order to provide federal funding to local, county, and state governments.

Pennsylvania hoped for federal help to pay for snow removal and cleanup in nine counties: Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne, and Wyoming.


  • Nikki girl

    It snows in PA. Sometimes you may get a blizzard or two. Maybe a snow removal expense fund should be put into the budget every year, and if it is not used, it should be placed in a “snowy day” account for the following years. Tom Wolf is a typical democrat, always having his hand out for money rather than doing his job and taking proper care of the state his governs.

  • Brandon

    This is on Tom Wolf’s hands not the Federal Government. The year before I went to Dunkin Donuts in a convertible on Christmas Eve with the top down. We had barely any snow the year of 2016 and yet all the emergency money from 2016 went missing. We finally get one big snow storm and he goes crying to the feds. Start paying it out of the Pa Government salaries.

  • Kat

    The guy that plows my road goes down the road plowing and spreading antiskid material, then comes back up the road, plowing and spreading anti skid material. Every hour he repeats this process even though it stopped snowing. Waste of time and anti skid material!

  • pot smoker

    Maybe just expect it to snow and have to clean it up as your budget , instead of trying to get your ungodly OT bills passed off – It was a spring storm and melted mostly in a week .

  • Jay Dee

    tries to blame it on POTUS , nice try dem , we had one storm in two years and in typical democrat fashion you want more money . maybe you should start a snow tax

  • common sense

    Maybe get some cash back from worthless PennDOT. Call it a rebate for the crap job done on rt81 and virtually every other major road in the commonwealth. There are better roads in third world countries than we have in Pa.

  • Givemeabreak

    We had how many mild winters before this one and yet we had no money to address the cost of this snowfall? More mismanagement of funds. This is why no one ever wants to pay taxes because they will just piss it away.

  • Joe Shopper

    ? We have the highest gas tax in the nation, and no one seen this coming? It snows every year. How is this an emergency? We are so screwed if we get a traditional Winter.

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