Senior Citizens Staying Cool in the Heat

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STROUDSBURG -- Kathy Neubert from Mount Pocono has been volunteering for Meals on Wheels in Stroudsburg for many years. She says she enjoys going out and meeting people in her community.

"I am delivering meals to seniors. I like to volunteer," said Neubert.

This month, the Monroe County facility will be celebrating 45 years of deliveries.

But when the months start getting warmer, the jobs because much more than just dropping off food.

Heidi Fareri says her volunteers also check on the welfare of their clients, especially on hot days such as this.

"The food is obviously our primary purpose, but the safety check is also incredibly important. In the winter time we check for heat, but now we are making sure that people are cool enough and they are staying hydrated enough," said Heidi Fareri, Monroe County Meals on Wheels Executive Director.

Volunteers are properly trained to ensure client safety and if they notice something is wrong, they report it immediately.

"Often we are the only people they see or hear during the day," said Neubert.

"They get to know people's habits. So if a door is suddenly locked, or the dog isn't barking or something is amiss, they alert us and it's not uncommon for us to have to call 911 to have a check done," said Fareri.

When it's hot out, many people find themselves at the Loder Senior Center in East Stroudsburg. It's considered a cooling station and a place where the elderly can come and relax to beat the heat.

Ina Willis is a volunteer at the center.

She says seniors can come and exercise, eat, and play games.  It's an ideal place for this crew to stay cool.

"Oh, it's good to come inside. It is a good place to come. That's why I come here every day," said Ina Willis, Loder Senior Center volunteer.

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