Finding a Place to Cool Down in Luzerne County Could be Quite a Challenge

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Finding a place to cool down on Monday in Luzerne County was proving to be quite the challenge.

Four-year-old Nathan Llewellyn was all dressed up and ready to go at the splash pad in Wilkes-Barre's Coal Street Park, only the splash pad was not quite ready for him.

He and his family had to find another way to cool down in the Diamond City in the 90-degree heat.

"We were really disappointed. My son is pretty hot today, and we were disappointed it wasn't on," Nathan's mother, Lauren Payne said.

In Forty Fort, the community pool could be closed for the summer.

Mayor Andy Tuzinksi said the 81-year-old pool started to leak water about a week and a half ago, just two days after it opened for the season.

"My dad came here. My grandma came here. It's a really, really old pool, so it's a disappointment but still, it's understood," said Claire Winton, head lifeguard for the Forty Fort Pool.

The town has more than $200,000 in state grants and other capital money to resurface the pool, but right now, officials do not even know where the leak is coming from.

"With all the problems that we're having, I know that all the repairs that are happening are going to make it even better than ever," Winton said.

Even though places to beat the heat in Forty Fort and Wilkes-Barre were not open on Monday, the Kingston pool was ready and open for business.

On top of that, the Kingston pool community is extending a helping hand to those in Forty Fort this summer.

"In the spirit of community, we wanted to offer the Forty Fort community the same price that we offer the Kingston residents," said Bobby Jacobs, director of lifeguarding for the Kingston pool.

Those who are from Kingston and Forty Fort can now sign up for the same seasonal rate.

It costs $174 for a single person for the season and $209 for a family for the season. For more information about their fees, click here.



    Skook is even worse! but they finally opened up the frackville pool, after it been closed for a while. We dont got much here nemore. But hey the mud run dam near the soon to be closed mall and stripping pits like the pekis, (excuse my spelling of its incorrect) were more than inviting to get a tan and take a dip even with long grey socks on!

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