Thousands of NASCAR Fans Pack Pocono Raceway

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LONG POND -- Another race season is underway at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, and the grandstands were packed with NASCAR fans Sunday afternoon.

Leonard Chappell from Syracuse hasn't missed a race in years.

"Racing people are just one big family. A racing family, everyone gets along no matter what driver they like," Chappell said.

Neal DeAngelo from Hazleton has been coming to Pocono Raceway for many years. He says he enjoys being able to get up close and personal with the race cars and seeing all the fans.

"For people that have never been here to see the expression on their face, that takes it all. It makes it good," said DeAngelo.

Last year, the weather was absolutely miserable, so NASCAR fans were thrilled the sun was shining this year.

The race had to be postponed due to weather last year. Irene Duggins from Saylorsburg says she powered through last year's bad weather but was happy the sun was shining this time around.

"Oh, absolutely beautiful weather this year. The past three years, we had nothing but rain, so good for us and good for the raceway. They've had some bad luck with races and rain," Duggins said.

Hal Pickering from upstate New York is usually sitting in the stands, but because it is hot, he opted to stay in the infield.

"This has been unbelievable weather, a constant breeze so we are staying cool, and hydration is not a problem. We've got six or eight coolers over there and a few flavors," Pickering said.


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