Police: Father Walks in on 6-Year-Old Son Being Raped

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HAZLETON -- Police arrested a man on child rape charges in Luzerne County.

Sebastian Wardingo, 19, is accused of raping a 6-year-old boy in Hazleton.

Officers were called to a home in the city Saturday night where two men were reportedly fighting.

Investigators say the victim's father walked into a room and saw Wardingo pulling up his pants. The boy was on the bed with his pants down.

Police say Wardingo later admitted to inappropriate contact with the child.

Wardingo is charged with rape of a child, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and other charges. He is locked up in Luzerne County.


  • Whoa nellie

    Verizon called, they said they can hear you now. They also said there’s no extra charge for spelling words out or for using punctuation and proper sentence structure. They did say they wanted your flip-phone once the contract is up.

  • dnsmlt

    Why is the child/victim’s face being poste and not the perpetrator??
    I do believe you’re violating this child’s right to privacy!

  • greater known facts

    you sir obviously do not have children, nor even a hint as to what a parent would to do defend/protect their child.

  • Lance

    In prison he will be the one with his pants down and on the bed. Inmates dont take kindly to sick perverts who abuse kids. Let prison take care of him. For the rest of his days he will be paying !!!!

    • Sir lance a lot

      Right. Like all the guys in prison all have this honorable code they stick to, and they’re all really just knights in orange ready to dispense some jailhouse justice. I have family members and friends that are CO’s and they all say the same thing: Most are animals that should have been put down on the spot. Who the heck do you think is in prison already? Choir boys? They’re going to high-five him and compare notes. But if that made-for-TV delusion makes you sleep better by all means, continue.

  • Jennifer

    They’re already lowering the age of consent in a lot of states so yeah, I can see a lot of paedophiles , gay or straight, having their way…and soon

  • keyboard warrior

    Yep, commit murder and go to jail – sounds like a wonderful plan to protect and provide for your children. Only happens in the movies…

    • nunya bidness

      It’s not illegal to use deadly force to prevent the commission of a violent felony. Quit with your bullshit moron.

  • El Ma

    What actually happens to these types of people? I mean, why aren’t they just dropped onto some Pacific atoll with a hand full of vegetable seeds and left there, for life? These people will never be “cured,” regardless of what any medical or mental health professional believes. Once they cross that line into taking action on their demented ideas, they will never stop.

    And………the statistics on this are horrific. The “typical” molester has up to 100 victims before they’re charged with the one offense that gets them a little prison time. They are human predators. Plain and simple. And, they need to be removed from society.

    • Real American

      Ted, you prefer criminals having the upper hand don’t you? Love to see you 1 v 1 someone bigger or drugged out

    • easy there big fella

      What if you caught someone doing something like that the 10% when you’re not carrying? And the person is three times your size and high on PCP? You do realize you will go to jail and most likely not be paroled for a very long time? Sexual assault is not something that justifies homicide or murder. You would really be doing your kids a big favor by not having any income, and having them come visit you in the big house. We get it – you’d be mad and want revenge. But I doubt very much that you would pull the trigger – right along with all the other tough guys on here today.

    • i stayed at a holiday inn and watched tv

      “No need for a judge and jury,” So – what if the father of the person you just so heroically ‘double-tapped’ has the same mentality as you? He stalks you – finds out where you work, where you shop, when you are vulnerable – or even decides to use a high-powered rifle at a distance? Hey, no judge and jury right? OK for you, must be OK for him too.

    • Supporter of America

      Just as an FYI, the other 10% of the time I’m not allowed to carry into my office. In other words, I am armed anytime I am not at work. As far as going to jail, please I only need one person to find me not guilty; and I think temporary insanity under the circumstance would be easy to prove. And no, I am not a big tough guy but I believe in protecting family and kids, even if they are someone else’s. Maybe if more people were willing to step up to help, just maybe all of us would be better off.

    • El Ma

      Arepa, he is probably some neighbor or known to the family. These predators bide their time. The hunt for their prey is just as thrilling to them as the act, itself. It becomes a sick, perverted “game” to target the trust of a child who is evidently vulnerable, and then they do whatever it is that they do up to the crime, itself. It’s so dreadful and I cannot imagine what any child feels after being brutalized like that – physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that poor kid has a lifetime of challenges ahead.

      • El Ma

        I STAYED AT A HOLIDAY INN AND WATCHED TV………I’m hoping your cute comment was meant as a joke because you have no idea why I know these things. It’s unpleasant, it’s painful, and it never goes away you WeeTart.

  • missing the point

    all these internet tough guys talking about how badly they’d beat the guy up and all the heroic things they would do and talking about how bad Hazleton has become blah blah blah….. but there is not one single comment regarding the child and if he is OK or how he is doing… good job people

    • Serious WNEP Viewer

      Sir or Madam, please refrain from breaking the rules of the chat, as some of us are here for serious, thought provoking discussion of non partisan new brought to us by the flawless WNEP team

      • El Ma

        The only “rules” that apply on any of these threads are arbitrary and depend entirely upon who’s moderating any given board, and what kind of mood they’re in, today. And, this changes on a daily (sometime, hourly) basis which gives me pause for thought on just how objective a source WNEP is for any news or information. What is the agenda, here??

        Nearly all of my comments await moderation while other comments that are cruel and inappropriate trolling are left, untouched, so people can continue hitting this site to engage in “online arguing.” There are no rules.

    • Ted

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      Your lack of control does not justify anything, especially a homicide. But by all means, go for it. Maybe they’ll let you post your idiocy from behind bars.

      • Jennifer

        Whoever made that comment that sexual assault doesn’t warrant killing them, clearly has no understanding of the magnitude of damage this does to person, especially a child. It’s not murder when you’re defending your child and other children against future attacks (which is what would have happened)

      • pissedoffmom oftwo

        Being a victim of sexual assault as a child myself, I can assure you I WOULD GET AWAY WITH KILLING A MF TOUCHING MY CHILD OR ANY CHILD I CAUGHT IN THAT SITUATION.

        I have lived 30 years past my abuse, and I can attest that this “vile creature” has caused that boy life long torment to attain his own personal satisfaction. HIS FATHER SHOULD HAVE KILLED THE SICKO.

      • El Ma

        Pissedoffmomoftwo, I am so sorry that you were made a victim – that anyone is, in fact. I know, from my own experiences, that I would have lost my mind if I had caught someone doing something like that to my children.

        What happens to a child and their own self perceptions after being sexually assaulted is unspeakable. Everything boils down to their sexuality, after such an experience. They aren’t “smart,” “creative,” or “precocious,” anymore. They simply become objects – and, that dreadful perceptions remains with them for the rest of their lives unless they process those events and engage in some strong counseling. To be an “object” is the worst feeling imaginable, and I would not blame any parent for taking such a predator OUT under the same circumstances.

      • Pissedoffmom oftwo

        Thank you So Ma, I’ve learned to face the “nightmares” though it took years. Now I am VERY protective of my 2 children… they are more then aware that they can tell me anything, and people are always watch near them… unfortunately their father included.

  • Bill *

    David, apparently you missed it, the article starts out by saying police were responding to a report of two men fighting. Want to bed it was the perp and the father.

  • David Schwartz

    Typical PA story a gay child rapist and the father of the victim not doing a thing about it

    • Susan James Banks

      David did you read any of the article? “Officers were called to a home in the city Saturday night where two men were reportedly fighting.” Next time know what you are talking about before responding.

      • David Schwartz

        No blackeyes and he’s still alive

        Obviously the father is a failure like every in the devil state of Pennsylvania

    • El Ma

      David Schwartz, you complain bitterly about Pennsylvania. If you find this State to be as deplorable as you seem to believe it to be, then pack your stuff up and gather up all of your like-minded pals, and move somewhere else. You have that option, as does everyone in this Nation. If you don’t like it, leave. See if you can find a perfect place to live. If you do, stay there. Otherwise, stop flapping your yap, and start doing something to facilitate changes.

  • Coach0

    Another day another day molestation story in Nepa. For the sample size this had to be one of the highest rates in the country’s of this type of behavior.

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