Penguins Fans Perch at Primanti Brothers

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DICKSON CITY -- The Pittsburgh Penguins won the 2017 Stanley Cup with a 2-0 victory against the Nashville Predators Sunday night with both goals coming late in the game.

This is the second year in a row the Penguins are Stanley Cup champions.

Plenty of Pittsburgh Penguins fans were glued to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals Sunday night.

Pittsburgh native Ryan Pilarski now lives in Trenton, New Jersey. He drove all the way to Dickson City to watch the Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals with friends at Primanti Brothers.

"We thought, what better place to go than Game 6 at Primanti in Scranton?" Pilarski said.

The local outlet of the Pittsburgh landmark has a powerful pull on nights like this.

Mike Schultz of Dickson City was picking up pizza to watch the game with his kids.

"It's huge! Back-to-back cups hasn't happened since the '80s, so it could be a big deal," said Schultz.

Both teams have culinary traditions. Predators fans like catfish on ice. Penguins fans like fries on everything.

This series has given the east side of the Keystone State plenty to be proud of. Players like goalie Matt Murray were standouts on local farm team, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

"It's really cool, especially with Murray. He's been kicking butt in the playoffs. Two years in a row to come right from the Baby Pens," Schultz said.

"It's great to watch those guys go up the ladder and make it to the top," said Brent Hudak of Scranton.

"You bring up these young guys from the Baby Pens, and they give that kind of energy and vigor into the offense," Pilarski added.

Fans at Primanti admitted winning on the road would be tough, but they were thrilled at the idea of the Stanley Cup heading back to Pennsylvania.


  • the answer

    I used to go to Pittsburgh quite a bit for business. All I ever heard was primanti sandwichs. Totally overrated with all the ridiculous fries and coleslaw they put on the sandwich. fills you up but hardly no meat.

  • Lance

    I know what you mean. The sandwiches are so full of coleslaw you dont taste anything else. The wings are over salted and the fries are limp. Very disappointed went there twice. Lousy each time. He should have been better off watching the game from home or if he wants crappy food go to the nearest high school cafeteria.

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