Scouts’ Square Dance Raises Money for Families of Supermarket Shooting Victims

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MEHOOPANY TOWNSHIP-- "All join hands" is a call heard at almost every square dance, but Saturday evening at the Mehoopany Fire Hall the words had a deeper meaning.

Scouts from Troop 186 and their families gathered together, still shaken by the murder-suicide that left four people dead, including the shooting, at the Weis Market near Tunkhannock early Thursday morning.

Police say Randy Stair killed three co-workers stocking shelves before dawn and turned the gun on himself.

Scoutmaster John Scholz says, "It's been a very difficult lesson for all of us."

Adults and kids alike wondered what they could possibly due to help, then Assistant Scout Master Staci Dibble had an idea.

"Any events we have ever had the community has supported us so it's our turn to help the community," she explained.

Money from the troop's first ever square dance would go to the victim's families to help pay for things such as funeral expenses.

Eric Powell says, "I think we can raise enough money, and you can get money to the people that lost their family members, that would be great."

Not only did the dance raise money but it allowed people to connect and cope together.

Youth leaders here hope that getting young men involved in scouting might help prevent future tragedies.

"When you walk down the street with your head down, you are going to live your life with your head down, I'm trying to let these boys rise above that and be who they need to be," says Scholz.


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