Texas Voice Actor Talks About Strange Connection to Supermarket Shooting

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Newswatch 16 spoke to Laura Faverty over Facebook video messenger from her home in Dallas, Texas.

She talked to us about her strange connection to a man who lived near Dallas, Pennsylvania, Randy Stair, who gunned down three of his coworkers before taking his own life.

"I'm, I'm just shocked, like I'm talking but I don't really have words. I was just an actor paid to voice a character now I'm getting all these emails, messages, people are tweeting at me," Laura Faverty, a voice actor, said.

Faverty was hired by Stair to voice a character in his YouTube cartoon series.

The cartoons are very graphic — Newswatch 16 will only show a little bit from the last video Stair posted that depicts a school shooting. It was posted shortly before Stair took two shotguns into Weis Markets near Tunkhannock.

Faverty says she had no idea that Stair's life would eventually imitate his art.

"I thought it was weird but originally he had told me that it was going to be darker content, which you know, as a voice actor sometimes you voice in horror games, people will book you to voice very gory things," Faverty said.

The morning after the shooting, Faverty saw an email from Stair.

A long, rambling suicide note where Stair writes "I'm sorry to say that by time you read this I'll be dead. I'm so sorry."

The note does not say that Stair wanted to kill anyone else.

"If I had even had the slightest sense that anything we going to happen I would have turned it into the cops, I would've never even taken a part of this, you know? It's just unbelievable, like, what happened," Faverty said.

Faverty says she did reach out to Stair after reading the note, but by then, it was already too late.

"My heart just goes out to everyone who is hurting, it's just sad," Faverty said.

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