FBI Joins Search for Remains at Milton Home

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MILTON -- FBI agents arrived Friday morning in Milton to help with the cold case investigation.

Just before noon on Friday, investigators put up more police tape and some tarps around the property to help keep people away.

Authorities have been at this house on North Front Street in Milton for three days now - looking for the remains of former Sunbury resident Barbara Miller.

Miller disappeared in July of 1989 and her body was never found. The case is considered a homicide.

Last month Sunbury police got a tip that Miller's body was inside the walls of a house in Milton.

According to the search warrant, the prime suspect in Miller's disappearance is Joseph Egan, who goes by the nickname "Mike".

He is a former Sunbury police detective and Miller's ex-boyfriend.

Thursday night, Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller - who is not related to Barbara Miller - said he wanted to bring in additional resources to help with the investigation.

Friday, FBI agents arrived to help. And Thursday, several cadaver dogs indicated that human remains are at the house.

"We're not going anywhere. If we have to pitch a tent we're gonna pitch a tent until we find what we're looking for. If I have to take the wall out I will, I don't want to but at this point it's kind of looking like the wall's going to come down," said Chief Miller.



  • les

    Why the FBI? Why can’t PA authorities alone handle this?
    Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching…our national debt keeps mounting…

    • Robert J Mills

      Because the FBI has access to investigative material and resources that would strain the budget of a small police dept. and/or Country District Attorney’s office.

  • RicU.

    How about this: the FBI will find the missing emails from Hillary’s computer.
    How about this” The FBI will find JIMMY HOFFA.
    How about one of the other LONE GUNMEN in the Kennedy Assassination? You can take your pick on which Kennedy.
    More likely they will find the empty McDonald bag or the dog biscuit. After almost 20 years, what do they expect to find? The smell, if there was a body there, ended after the first WEEK.
    If there was any evidence there, it was gone decades ago. I am betting on JIMMY HOFFA.

    • Fredric

      ELEVEN thumbs down and counting, this is pathetic commentary on the typical meme’s inability to recognize humor.

  • George

    Tim Miller, must be on one of his infamous “Hateraide” trips. Ever see his videos?!? Pretty scary to see an police officer doing these videos. Who are you hunting, people have asked after viewing them.

  • Sneaky Sby Cops

    Funny how your all over this story from Sunbury but never ran a story on the sunbury cop jamie quinn who was just arrested by the state police. Quick to slander uncharged people but not even cover the story on a dirty sunbury cop!

  • Bill K

    OK, so let’s say the do tear the house down. Or “that wall” has to come out and it’s a load bearing wall. And they find absolutely 0 human remains. Instead the dogs went nuts over a dead mouse. So who pays the homeowner for the repair? Or the rebuild of the house? Taxpayers of Milton I assume?

    • vforba

      well structurely you probably don’t have to take down all the studs and supports just the plaster/drywall etc. Leaving the support intact should not be difficult

    • James

      The police are doing what they’re paid to do, investigate crimes. God forbid if taxpayer money happens to be used to repair drywall in crime scene to give a family closure. You’d be singing a different tune if this was your family member.

    • joe

      i am sure if this place is a rental property the owner has insurance which will pay the bill so don’t worry your tiny brain.

  • Feed Me More

    must be a big house to need more people searching. pitch a tent? i sort of hope they destroy the place and find a mcdonalds bag with old chicken nuggets and thats why the dogs wanted it so bad, they gotta have their nuggets!

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